NailPro Type 316 SS 1-1/2" x .148" Collated Joist Hanger Nails - 34 Degree Paper Tape - 1,000 pcs
NailPro Type 316 SS 1-1/2
Manufacturer : Nail Pro
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Product Description
Designed to shoot into joist hangers and metal brackets, the nails provide excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The 316 SS paper tape stainless steel joist hanger nail is made for permanent wood construction and treated lumber. The nail features a smooth, full round head, and heavy shank. The 31-34 degree paper tape structural joist hanger nail is guaranteed to be compatible with most metal connector nailers. COMPATIBLE TOOLS: Apach® AN-10034E, Apach® L3490, Atro® CHS933 BEA D100-934C Besco® CHF 9034, Besco® CHF 9034P, Bosch® SN350-34C Bostitch® F33PT, Bostitch® N90PT-1 Craftsman® 18179, Craftsman® 18189 DeWalt® D51822, DeWalt® D51823, DeWalt® D51825 Duo-Fast® CN-325B, Duo-Fast® NSPM-325F Fasco® F5C HHN 31-90A SS, Fasco® F6 HHN 31-90 Grex® PPN65, Grex® SF9034H Grip-Rite® GRTFC83, Grip-Rite® GRTCH350 Grizzly® H5571, Grizzly® H6146, Grizzly® H7944 Hitachi® NR83AA, Hitachi® NR83AA2, Hitachi® NR83AA3, Hitachi® NR90AA, Hitachi® NR90AD, Hitachi® NR90ADPR, Hitachi® NR90GC, Hitachi® NR90GC2 ISM® CHN933 Makita® AN942, Makita® AN943 Max® GS683CH, Max® GS683CH-EX, Max® SN883CH/34, Max® SN890CH/34 Northern Tool® 1000992 Paslode® 5300 PWS, Paslode® 5325, Paslode® 5350, Paslode® 900420, Paslode® CF325, Paslode® F350S, Paslode® IM325, Paslode® IM325CT, Paslode® IM350, Paslode® IMCT, Paslode® PF350S Porter Cable® FC350, Porter Cable® FC350A Powers® W3-34CDH Prime Air® PCH350 Ridgid® R350CHA Senco® FRAMEPRO 600, Senco® FRAMEPRO 601, Senco® FRAMEPRO 650, Senco® FRAMEPRO 651, Senco® FRAMEPRO 701XP, Senco® FRAMEPRO 750XL, Senco® FRAMEPRO 751XP, Senco® GT90CH, Senco® SN4, Senco® SN70, Senco® SN70XP, Senco® SN901XP, Senco® SN951XP Spotnails® NTD90, Spotnails® YTD90 Stan-Tech® SDN11-PT-1 Supco® SDF88 Not all tool models shown are compatible with all diameters and lengths in the fastener series shown.
Product Details
  • Brand: Nail Pro
  • Dimensions: 9.40 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel "Marine Safe"
  • 34 Degree Paper Tape Collation Joist Hanger Nailers
  • 1-1/2 inch by .148 inch
  • Smooth Shank
  • 1,000 count
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