Headlamp ThorFire CREE LED Headlamp MAX 320 Lumen Zoomable Headlight HL1501with 3 Modes Adjustable Beam for Outdoor Camping Hiking, Use AAA Batteries Not Included
Headlamp ThorFire CREE LED Headlamp MAX 320 Lumen Zoomable Headlight HL1501with 3 Modes Adjustable Beam for Outdoor Camping Hiking, Use AAA Batteries Not Included
Manufacturer : Thorfire
Amazon Price : $19.99
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Product Description

Hands-free Lighting
It is pretty convenient for you to perform electrical work, set up a tent, look under the house, consult a manual, and more, as it fits your head comfortably not worrying about falling off. It has a long run time with superior quality "AAA"battery(not included).

Designed for Durable Uses
Adopted the Premium Type ? hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, made of Aircraft-grade Aluminum. Water Resistance: IP-65. Can be used in the rain but NOT under water.

Simple Switch Operation: Click to tab Low/High/SOS modes. Click to turn on/off. (Press the switch to turn on the light and it's on Low mode; press again to High mode, another press to SOS; then press to turn it off. After using any mode for more than 10 seconds, press the switch once to turn off the light.)
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #9664 in Home Improvement
  • Brand: Thorfire
  • Model: HL1501
  • Product Features
  • Adopts ultra-bright Cree XP-G2 R5 LED with unique three levels of light Low/High/SOS.
  • 90-degree adjustable mechanism. It is visible in great scope and illuminates clearly.
  • Zoomable Adjustable Focus. Focused for spot light, scattered for flood light.
  • Elastic Headband and Visible at Night. Comfortable and well-balanced to wear on the head.
  • Packaging:1×HL1501Headlight;
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    5Really Nice Headlamp You Need To Read It
    By Anthony J.
    Apparently there's an advertising problem with this headlamp, because this should be a #1 Bestseller. I'm going to do all that I'm able to, to remedy that because you shoppers need a better headlamp for the cost. It's 1/9/16 today and I just spent an hour looking for a new headlamp. I frequent two homes and where I just came from I had a dozen headlamps from a 6 year old Eveready up to models that are headlamps/bike lights with twin T6 and 7 XML2 LEDs and 9 others in between. Single and over head straps, Cree G2 R5, XPE, R3 LEDs, red, spot and flood LEDs, magnifying lens XML2 LED, T6 LED with R5 LEDs, three AAA, single AA, 16340 and 2, 4 and 6 18650 batteries. A lot of styles for sure.

    Here at this home I only have 9 headlamps from an older Coleman to the magnifying XML2 and many in between like the ones that I've already mentioned. Well, I've missed this ThorFire so much that I just purchased one, that's why I'm now a verified purchase, the first one was sent directly to me and I wasn't before. But as the owner of So Many other headlamps, after an hour of searching for another headlamp here on amazon, it came down to a $50 Petzl or this $20 model that I know how much I like. If you're looking for the highest quality, brightest, almost infinitely adjustable output, 3 AAAs on the rear, magnifying zoom lens headlamp in this price range, you only have one choice and this is it. Having a wall filled with headlamps, this model has been the one that I almost always reach for and it will cover almost all the reasons that you ever reach for a headlamp, and it's been perfectly reliable for over 5 months now with a lot of use.

    I recommend that you do just like I just did,.....Buy It! Be sure to have rechargeable batteries too, because although this little headlamp can almost keep up to the large T6 models with twin 18650 batteries, it needs current from the batteries to do it and I use three Powerex AAA 1000mAh Rechargeable Batteries and then the run time even on High is long and you just recharge them.
    Original Review
    ThorFire sent me their new headlamp for testing. The reason that I suggest that you read this particular review is because I can tell you the difference between this and the most common model of AAA G2 R5 headlamp, and most of all, today I don't see another review here describing one of it's important features.

    This model is not just another from the same old headlamp mold and is really a bit special. While it is a three AAA powered headlamp, using the G2 R5 LED, of which I have three others, it's different in every other way. I'll tell you why.

    The others have two switches on the top controlling the main lamp and the two lamps on each side, a spot and two floods. This headlamp has a single switch that's on the underside and is used with your thumb instead and a magnifying lens.

    The first press of the switch is normal power, but. If you hold the switch down, it will dim to low ouput and then rise back up to normal power, so that you have infinite output control and it also remembers the brightness you left it at when you shut it off, for when you turn it back on again. Adjustable power with memory isn't widely available. This is important on close up work because too much output equals too much glare. This feature combines with the wide magnification lens to make this an excellent headlamp for when you need light to work on things in your hands, because wide magnification effectively turns down the light through the spread of it also. From a high power spot to a low powered spread, very nice.

    The second press of the switch changes the lamp to high. The G2 R5 LED on high is bright enough for most anything you'll need a headlamp for. I have brighter headlamps, that are 3x this size, but when compared to any other small, AAA headlamp, this is very bright, the brightest that I own. You will illuminate things very well at 40 feet and see farther yet, you can reduce magnification on the lens and light a huge circle at 20 feet well also. This makes it both an indoor and outdoor headlamp, outdoors I really like the huge 20 foot circle of light in front of me at about 30 feet out. But it will get bigger or smaller and a much farther distance too. If you're not impressed by the distance that I'm saying this will shine, it's only because I won't BS you, it shines as far or farther than any other AAA headlamp that I've ever seen.

    The third press of the switch will be an SOS setting which is bright enough to be useful as a distress call. The switch does not have memory except for remembering the variable brightness and you'll be cycling the settings on this one, but usually only the first one or two, so it's simple to use, and nothing like the models with 5 or 7 settings between the two lamps, when you don't ever need them all anyway.

    The plastic housing used on this lamp and battery pack is different from the others too, because it feels much stronger to me. I haven't actually tried this, but this feels to me like I could accidentally step on it and have it survive. It's nothing like the plastic shells used in the style where the batteries are up front on your forehead, and the lamp housing itself on the ThorFire is anodized aluminum for strength and cooling that G2 LED, which will still warm it up. Power needs heat dissipation, and this LED has power.

    Which brings me to this having the balanced front lamp and rear batteries and the top strap. The top strap allows you to keep the head strap looser and more comfortable and although this whole headlamp is lightweight anyway, it's also balanced front and rear better than the other style. This uses the soft style elastic for the headband and should fit anybody. This is the most comfortable to wear AAA headlamp I own.

    The tilt on the lamp clicks too many times for me to count and you'll find the angle that you're looking for, from down near your toes to straight out from your head, and that's made even easier with the magnifying lens, because you can always just make the beam wider instead of adjusting the whole lamp. It will take only 10 inches distance to see a 1 foot circle of light from this headlamp for close up work, so it's about 30 inches wide at an arms length and the tilt won't have to be as exact as smaller beams. This magnifying lens is the type that you just pull and push, no rotating anything to zoom the beam.

    I'm pretty much okay with the other style of AAA G2 LED headlamps, but not for all things. The ThorFire is truly superior and addresses the main issues that I have with the others.

    I've broken a few of the others and this model is more rugged. You need to have the single band fairly tight on the others, which can become uncomfortable and you can wear this one looser. But probably most of all is that the main beam on the others is awfully small like a spot and won't light a wide path at 10-15 feet, maybe just 18 inches, and the floods don't reach that far for light either, making me feel that those beams make the other headlamps either or. Either a 40 foot light or a 4 foot light from the floods, if you can see what I'm getting at, the lighting isn't the best from about 8-20 feet.

    But this headlamp with it's variable brightness and magnifying lens, makes me feel like it's a light that starts at 14 inches and goes to 40 feet evenly. All of this combines to make this headlamp a new favorite, but let me recommend that you use rechargeable batteries with these G2 R5 LEDs, because high output means high current drain also.

    So highly recommended that it's what I purchased when I wanted another headlamp, and I've owned probably 40 headlamps since the 1980's.

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    5WOW! This headlamp rocks!
    By Bob
    I usually don't write reviews for stuff unless I'm unhappy with it and want to write a negative review complaining about the item but this light rocks! I bought this as a Christmas gift for my brother-in-law and decided to open the package when I got it and put batteries in it. I was so impressed with it that I'm keeping it and buying another one for him. I took it to work and a co-worker ordered one for himself and another one as a Christmas present for his father and another co-worker asked for the link to the item so they could order some for the staff. The headlamp feels like it's quality made and nothing feels flimsy about it. The zoom feels smooth and works by just pulling the lens out and pushing it back in. I have a BIG head and the band on it's loosest setting is too big for my head. the light angle settings seem to be smooth as well. The light also very bright. I own another headlamp(wasn't cheap) which doesn't feel anywhere near as good a quality as this one, headband is tight on my BIG head making it uncomfortable to wear, and after owning it for a month and a half I had issues with the switch and ended up having to disassemble the light and rig up my own switch in it. Hopefully this one will hold up and last?

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    4Good headlamp.
    By Jason H.
    I got this headlamp for when I go camping or night fishing I am able to see what I'm doing in the dark of night and needed a headlamp that could be bright enough for me to do that. This lamp has some good qualities. The straps are made of a durable elastic and fit comfortably on my head. I can also be adjusted to fit any head size or to fit over a hat or beanie. The battery compartment in the back takes 3 AAA batteries that are not included and also has a red blinking light that can act as a signal or a caution light. The light itself is bright. With the focusing capability, I was able to see out a good distance with the light zoomed out to flood setting and even better when you focus the lamp so more of spotlight setting.. The lamp is activated by the push of a button located underneath the light itself. The lamp can be moved up and down but not side to side. It has two levels of light from dim to bright and a SOS mode that sends off a distress signal just in case of emergency. Overall I was pleased with this headlamp with its focusing feature and comfort. I would recommend this headlamp for hikers, campers, fisherman or for emergency kits. This was a good quality headlamp for the value and I feel others would think the same. I did receive this product free or at a discount for my fair and honest review. I hope this review was helpful.

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