Nylo-Tape 10 mil thick x 1/2" x 10 feet
Nylo-Tape 10 mil thick x 1/2
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Nylo-Tape 10 mil thick x 1/2" x 10 feet
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    5Finally! A solution for wood-on-wood sliding drawers and doors!
    By Kathy Sardella
    We have these home-made type cabinets and drawers at our place in Ocean City Maryland. Pulling the drawers in and out all day created a shower of sawdust to accumulate on the pots and pans in the underneath cabinets. The drawers were also hard to pull open and push closed.

    There wasn't enough clearance to add a sliding drawer kit of any sort from Home Depot, so when I ran across a Rockler Hardware catalog and saw this, I knew I had my answer! I ordered two rolls of the 1/2" 10 ft length rolls to do all the drawers. They came like two narrow rolls of masking tape in a bubble envelope and no application instructions! I read every review, hoping someone would mention how to apply this tape. I couldn't even determine if I needed to apply it to both surfaces, the drawer or the base or both? It matters since it determines how many rolls to order!

    So I will tell you how to put it on.

    You only need to apply it to one surface, in my case, the wooden slats that the drawer rode on and had made a decent groove in from many years of use. I needed only two feet of tape on the left and two feet on the right side. So, four feet per drawer is what I calculated to order the rolls. I tried to first clean the surface I was applying it to, but that kept the tape from adhearing well and it bunched up, almost destroying that length of tape when we opened and closed the drawer a few times! After that, I just wiped off the rails to make sure there wasn't any dust on them before sticking the tape on.

    The tape comes in a simple roll with no packaging or instructions on it. It is smooth nylon on one side and paper-covered sticky on the other. Cut it to length with scissors, peel off the paper backing and apply it to the well-worn spots you see - and you're done! You may be able to shorten the length if you don't want to buy an extra roll just because you need a foot or so more to finish the job. As long as you have enough sliding tape to get the drawer moving and it doesn't get hung up on anything, you can probably get away with cutting it shorter than the length of the drawer. I liked not having to empty the drawers since you don't put it on the drawer bottom.

    Rockler also has other drawer slider pads that you nail or glue on. So it may be worth it to look at other options in case you think the tape won't work for you. It is the only option I see for drawers with no clearance for more mechanical slider devices. Rockler also sends out an occasional free shipping code in the mail, which makes the tape more economical for you. So, order a catalog (awesome catalog) to get on the mailing list. They are on-line, too.

    I ordered another roll once I realized the drawers on our IKEA pine wall units from back in the '80's also are wood-on-wood and are hard to pull open. I used the free shipping code to get them this time. I will have to be creative in applying the tape to the IKEA drawers as they have a wood strip that rides in a groove cut into the SIDE of the drawer! The tape isn't VERY thick, but it may not be thin enough for this! There isn't ANY spare clearance in the groove! I may have to get out the Dremel tool and shave off some wood for clearance! Let's just hope that no drawers need to be emptied out!

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    1The paper came off in layers and not easily in one piece
    By CA GA Peach
    Definitely did not work. The hardest part was getting the old paper backing off. The paper came off in layers and not easily in one piece.

    I had hand-sanded down the old drawers where they were sticking, cleaned off sawdust and applied the tape. Drawers were worse than when I began. I removed the tape and the drawers slide just fine with a little more hand-sanding and candle wax. Way too expensive even if it had worked ($20 with shipping = $2 per foot). I ordered it because Lowe's and Home Depot did not carry anything like this and the 26 reviews convinced me to try.

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    5So long sawdust!
    By James B
    This tape is awesome. It really works as advertised.

    My wife and I recently bought a house with older cabinets drawers which are the wood-on-wood type of sliders. We were constantly getting the sawdust problem which drove my wife bonkers. She was starting to look into replacing all of our cabinets but we found that anything you can buy at a local hardware store are all crappy quality and ours are solid wood and very sturdy - they just have the sawdust problem.

    So we looked into retrofitting some modern sliders into them but that would have been a major surgery beyond our expertise.

    I vowed to find a solution that wouldn't break the bank and this was it. It was a breeze to install and it solved the problem 100%. There is no more sawdust anymore. Not only that but all of the drawers slide so much easier now. It's like they glide now instead of having the wood-on-wood grinding.

    I highly recommend this tape if you have the old style drawers that open and close with the wood-on-wood friction.

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