Gliston Pops a Dent Kits Dent Puller Painless Dent Repair Tools with 10 PCS PDR Glue Sticks Glue Gun for Car Hail Damage Remover
Gliston Pops a Dent Kits Dent Puller Painless Dent Repair Tools with 10 PCS PDR Glue Sticks Glue Gun for Car Hail Damage Remover
Manufacturer : Gliston
Amazon Price : $18.99
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Product Description
Suit for dent size (within 14cm)
Hot Glue Sticks+ Glue Gun+ Glue Tabs +Bridge Dent Puller Sets
1.Clean damage surface with a damp clean cloth
2.put the glue to gun and heat(also it need about 5-10min )
3.pull the trigger and apply the drawing gasket with extruded glue (The 4 holes of gasket should be applied with hot melt glue)
4.immediately place pad in the center of the dent and hold until sticks stem of pad through hole pulling bridge and screw knob
6.tighten knob until pad pops off
7.clean the surface

Kit includes:
- 9" Bridge (5-1/2" clearance between pads)
- 1-3/8" diameter round puller
- 1-1/8" diameter round puller
- 1" diameter round puller
- 15/16" diameter round puller
- 1-1/4 x 3/4" Oval puller
- 1 knockdown pick to help release the glue
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #14829 in Automotive
  • Color: 17 PCS
  • Brand: Gliston
  • Product Features
  • New Design - Unique polygon bridge design and 5pcs high quality glue tabs for more easy repair damage
  • Professional auto-body dent & ding repair tools,protect the original paint
  • Save your money and time,don't need pay a high cost about repair a big dent again
  • This is the professional dent and ding repair kits,it can help you repair it by yourself
  • Come with 1 PCS Bridge Dent Puller ,5 PCS Round Puller ,10 PCS Glue Sticks ,1 PCS Glue Gun
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    5Awesome tool, does an amazing job
    By P. Wynne
    [[VIDEOID:8d7528ec2283fc1c1118672ab8d95d3]]I ordered this kit a couple days ago, to pull a bunch of dents out of the side of our van. Our van had dents running from the passenger mirror back to the rear wheel well from contacting the garage wall about a year ago. I enjoy trying to repair these sorts of things on my own, I have previous auto body experience, have painted my own vehicles, and done repairs of my own throughout the years. I also have had formal training on auto body repair techniques and tried out many official auto body repair tools used in professional shops.

    This tool is seriously cool, in my video first time around, it nearly pulls the largest dent all the way back to form. Compare that to the cost and hassle of using professional shop equipment,
    Now to compare this to my other experience, this paintless dent repair tool is supposed to replace hundreds of dollars worth of shop equipment. So here is my honest opinion on this tool.

    Is it easier than using said shop equipment? By far, anyone can attempt using this tool, with only some hot glue and a simple and easy to understand set of instructions why on earth would you not try. I will be sharing a video also, youtube is just not being my friend at the moment

    Is it cheaper than using professional shop equipment? By far, even if I ordered a single kit for each of individual dent on my van, I still would spend only about $100, when compared to the cost of all the other tools needed to pull a dent the old fashioned shop way I am savings a bunch of money.

    In our attempt at getting these dents out, we couldn't get them all before some of the pads wore out. But when you consider the fact that each pad was able to pull a couple dents first without a single drop of paint needed or any other tools and how the kit is priced, I think it is a no brainer that this is a great deal.

    I honestly used to be skeptical of these kits before today, but I know that for me, having used this kit once, I'm now sold and this will be my go to tool for dents in the future. Disclaimer: I received this item for a discounted price in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    4Fine for the occasional use
    By Saltair
    AS an alternative to expensive PDR tools it isn't bad. The Gliston Bridge dent puller is great for occasional use on shallow dents. It works fine but the flex doesn't instill a lot of confidence so don't expect it to pull out deep or hard dents. I recommend watching some youtube videos to familiarize yourself with the process as there are no instruction provided in this kit... it assumes you know what to do. One tip is to remove the PDR hot melt from painted surfaces with denatured alcohol... just a few drops will make the glue fall right off.

    Kit includes:
    - 9" Bridge (5-1/2" clearance between pads)
    - 1-3/8" diameter round puller
    - 1-1/8" diameter round puller
    - 1" diameter round puller
    - 15/16" diameter round puller
    - 1-1/4 x 3/4" Oval puller
    - 1 knockdown pick to help release the glue

    This Gliston Bridge dent puller was acquired at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased review. I take this serious and you will always find my reviews are based in honest observation or my opinion without regard to ratings. I reserve the right to update reviews as needed, over time to reflect long term durability & experience, I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising.

    It is my goal to provide useful and many times, missing details. I will respond to all comments and questions. I hope that you have found my review helpful.

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    5Absolutely worth a try!
    By LC
    For $10, I am impressed. Thanks to someone's runaway shopping cart, I've been driving around with a glaringly obvious dent in my driver door for the last six months. The car is 10 years old, so I wasn't about to pay for a body shop to fix it.

    My dent was particularly nasty in that the bulk of it rested in between an inner and outer bevel in the door, and had a nice sharp crease to it. The overall result certainly isn't perfect, but it is a huge difference and the remaining dimples/crease are only noticeable from certain angles now.

    My observations and tips:
    1. I watched Amazon customer P. Wynne's video (here in the reviews) before I started and it was extremely helpful, because as others have said, the kit does not come with any instructions. The only thing I did differently from him is I put the glue directly on the pull instead of directly on the car.

    2. I did eight different pulls on this dent, using the various sizes included. The overall process took about one hour, with each pull taking about four minutes to set, one minute to pull, and one to three minutes to clean/remove glue.

    3. My dent pulls did not "pop off" the car after the first use, leaving them secured to the car after I removed the bridge. It was a little tougher to remove the glue with them still attached, but none of them took more than a few minutes. I basically doused them in 91% iso. rubbing alcohol until they started loosening, and then pulled them off. For the most part, they came off cleanly, and any residue easily came off with a rag/alcohol from both the car and the pulls. There was absolutely no damage to my paint.

    4. After five pulls, I noticed the foam pads on the bridge were not re-expanding all the way anymore. This resulted in the bridge's plastic handle pressing into my car as I tightened it. It didn't scratch the car, but it also didn't allow for enough leverage for the dent to pull out. For my last pulls, I used a foam furniture wobble stopper (from the dollar store) under each bridge foam pads, and it resolved the problem.

    5. None of my pulls broke like some other users, but I did notice the knob threads seemed to be stripping just a tiny bit - however, I noticed this only after I started using the extra foam under the bridge, so in all fairness I was tightening it more than it was meant to be.

    Overall, I didn't have high expectations because of the location, depth, and age of this dent, but I was very pleasantly surprised and would definitely recommend giving this kit a try.

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