Sugru Moldable Glue SBLK3 Black 3 Pack
Sugru Moldable Glue SBLK3 Black 3 Pack
Manufacturer : Sugru
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Avg. Customer Rating:4.5 of 5.0
Product Description
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #250 in BISS
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Sugru
  • Model: SBLK3
  • Dimensions: 6.00" h x .25" w x 3.00" l,
  • Product Features
  • Self-setting rubber, formed by hand and cures at room temperature overnight
  • Self-adhesive - bonds to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood and some fabrics. Removable from most non-porous surfaces
  • Waterproof, UV resistant, electrically insulating and dishwasher proof when cured
  • Bendable to any color and temperature resistant from -50 to +180 degree Celsius
  • Please see individual Mini packs for use by date. Store sugru in the fridge to double its shelf-life
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    5All that I dreamed of! The ultimate DIY fixer!
    By C. Holford
    I had been thinking about getting some Sugru for a long time and finally bit the bullet. These are small packets, but I was able to use just ONE of them for five small projects! The main thing was making an enhanced stress reliever for the jack of my earbuds (worked great), but i also repaired an ipod cable and a lightning cable, covered the ends of a couple battery terminals on a circuit board, and finally i put some inside the head of a knob on a mixer that had fallen off and stuck it back on for a permanent fit. All were successful! I love sugru. My one piece of advice is the longer you are messing around with the stuff the more tacky your fingers get, and that makes it difficult to manipulate it as well. For use in multiple projects I found it necessary to take a quick break and clean the excess off my fingers, then i went back to it.

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    5Great stuff. Just 1 packet was enough to make some laptop feet and fix some car air hoses.
    By Admin_Dude42
    Seems to work exactly as advertised. I did notice the warning that this stuff can stain skin and other materials. I took the precaution of wearing some nitrile gloves for making my repairs. Just one small sugar-sized packet went a long way. I was able to mold some new feet for my HP laptop. After letting it harden my laptop no longer wobbles! I saw that it could handle near boiling temperatures, so I molded it into some cracked ends in my car's air tubes used for the induction system (02-05 Lexus/Toyota), which new hose kit would retail for $80. Seems to have held up after about a month, and no more cracked hose ends!

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    5Very Useful
    By Ti-7-4Raven
    Worked very well for the purpose I bought it for which was to remake the ear socks and nose pads on an old pair of Oakley sunglasses that you can't get the rubber kits for anymore. (Oakley Hatchet specifically)

    Worked great. I'm sure it'll be useful for other things as well.

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