Square Credit Card Reader for iPhone, iPad and Android
Square Credit Card Reader for iPhone, iPad and Android
Manufacturer : Square
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Product Description
Square is a revolutionary service that allows you to accept credit cards, using a reader that plugs into your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad along with an easy-to-use app. There's no need for complicated contracts, monthly fees, or merchant accounts. All you pay is a fee per transaction. You download the app from the App Store to easily run your business and track analytics. Square is available for use in the US and Canada.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #182 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Square
  • Model: A-PKG-0206-01
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.70" h x 6.10" w x 9.30" l,
  • Product Features
  • The latest model of the Square Reader. Receive $10 instantly when you activate your Square account. One $10 redemption per Square account
  • Square pricing is simple: One flat 2.75% rate per swipe for all major credit cards including American Express
  • Customize your Square Register: Organize your products or services for faster checkout and easy sales tracking and reporting.
  • Track your earnings and view your complete sales history from the app
  • Delight your customers: customers sign and tip right on your device, and can choose to receive an email, text message, or printed receipt
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    4Good but Prefer Amazon Register Over Square and this is why...
    By AnAmazonCustomer
    Updated Review - Amazon Register has been discontinued so Square is now the default choice.

    Updated Review as of January 2016 - Amazon Register is being Discontinued as of Feb 1, 2016 and no longer accepting new clients making Square the default choice.

    Original Review
    First I will review Square itself and then compare Square versus the new Amazon Register which is the version of this same type of device, app and system.

    What you are buying in this package...
    1. Square device - card reader that plugs into your phone. You will still need to download the app and set up an account.
    2. $10 credit via an enclosed redemption code supplied in the documents
    3.A nice little Square sticker showing that you can take all major credit cards (nice touch for small biz owners)

    What it is...this small device has three parts. The first is this small device that is roughly 1x1 inch and plugs into your phone in order to allow users to swipe a credit card. There is also an app and website services that go along with the device to allow reports, custom tracking of orders and other nifty features. This device is available for free on the website however, by purchasing here you actually get a small credit.

    $10 rebate - As of this writing (8/19/14) the $10 rebate is still available and comes in the form of a redemption code entered into the appropriate online form. Contrary to other reviews, the website is still functional and fully available meaning that Square is basically paying you to try their service.

    Combined, the device plus application and other services basically allow almost anyone to receive payment via credit card. Unlike traditional credit card services there are no monthly fees, only a per usage fee of 2.75 percent at the time of payment. No monthly maintenance, nothing.

    I've used Square for about 9 months and really like it...until now. It's recently seemed a bit buggy and in fact, opted to obtain a new device as recent one seemed to have 'gone bad'. When I went to search for it, I realized had just come out with a similar service and device called a Register. So, I also purchased that device for the sake of comparison.

    The Amazon Register
    Although Square is probably the most popular and first to market (maybe not first but currently the most used here in the USA), Amazon is a lot bigger and sure to put some serious pressure on Square. First, for those who might have an account set up with Amazon, using Register is so much more simple as you are already half done. Next, Amazon is providing a special discount promotion of just 1.75 percent until 2016 - and as of this writing, they are also including a $10 credit when purchasing essentially matching Square's current purchase promotion....while 1% might not sound like a lot, it's about what most people are making on their savings returns! Seriously though, Register works very similar to Square, the devices look very similar and set-up is even easier if you are already affiliated with Amazon sales. Last but certainly not least, Amazon has multiple methods of contacting customer support when needed and similar to their phone/fire and other "on demand" live help, service is what really sets the new Amazon product/service and app apart from Square.

    Overall, both are excellent choices for small business owners, flea or farmers market vendors, craft show sales and so much more. Convenient and cost effective!

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    1Don't buy this product, its a rip off.
    By Arthur Maxwell Brunson
    So here's my problem with it. I live on an obscure private street in HI so when I went to make an account it wouldn't let me. I emailed support(because you need an account to call them for some reason) and they said there was a limit on the number of times I could try to make an account and there was nothing they could do about it. Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed in the way they treat potential customers for their service. Here is a copy of what they sent to me in an email.

    Hey Arthur!

    Thank you for the follow up email!

    I’m really sorry we can’t give you another chance to apply, but there’s nothing else we can do to change this decision.
    To protect your privacy and security, we don’t have access to the information you entered during the application process, so I cannot provide a more specific reason for why your application wasn’t approved.
    I understand this situation is frustrating, and I wish I could be more helpful. I recommend speaking with other companies that offer similar services, like your bank or other mobile payment providers.

    Really appreciate your patience and understanding!

    We wish you all the best.

    Square Supprt


    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
    1New customers read the agreement prior to purchasing or using this ap
    By lakeman
    The device works well but the support by Square is lacking. I made a total of $3,075 in sales when I recieved an email asking me to provide 3 months of Bank statements and copies of my invoices. I faxed them the information they wanted a week went by and I followed up with my account number by phone. I was told the committee was reviewing the material I had faxed into them. I finally recieved a response stating they had cancelled the account and it would be a 120 waiting period before they sent me my money.. Be aware of the agreement you check on line it is about eight pages long and in fine print. Do not even ask to elevate the call to speak to a supervisor.

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