KT TAPE Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Theraeputic Tape - 20 Pre-Cut 10" Strips, Gold
KT TAPE Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Theraeputic Tape - 20 Pre-Cut 10
Manufacturer : KT Tape
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Product Description
KT (Kinesiology Therapeutic) Tape is a strong, elastic athletic tape that reduces muscle pain, increases mobility, and enhances athletic performance. KT Tape provides relief and support for muscles and joints and can be used to prevent or treat hundreds of sports injuries. Kinesiology tape, treatments, and application techniques have been used by healthcare professionals such as orthopedics, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers for over thirty years. KT Tape is the first brand of kinesiology tape ever to be offered directly to consumers and is widely adopted by healthcare professionals and sports teams.
Product Details
  • Size: 10-Inch Pre-Cut
  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: KT Tape
  • Model: KTT-AW-Gold
  • Released on: 2010-11-09
  • Product Features
  • Pre-cut into easy-to-apply ten inch strips
  • Reinforced 100% cotton sheathes are ultra-light, durable and extra-strong
  • KT Tape's unique Matrix Mesh is specially designed to provide 140% bilinear elasticity - the same as human skin
  • One roll generally lasts 40-60 days depending on usage
  • Step-by step application instructions included
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Good, but…
    By James Shirey
    This KT tape is a very good product and has really helped with my knee and elbow pain. I would say to spend the few extra bucks and get the KT Pro Tape, it is much better than the original version and is worth the extra few dollars in my opinion. My other favorite product to help relieve my aching joints is Ostaflex –Relief from Severe Joint Ache with Glucosamine, MSM, & Chondroitin – it is the most complete joint supplement around and has all but eliminated the aches and pains in my joints.

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    5How To Get The Tape to Stick Every Time
    By Fredrick, Simple
    I have a lot of experience with KT TAPE. I am a trainer at a GYM and I have introduced many of my clients to KT TAPE. All of them have had great success with the tape helping them manage pain, recover from injuries faster and trainer harder. What they have not all had success with is getting the tape to stay on for days at a time without a little help.

    This is what I have found. The tape sticks well if you apply it well before you exercise (at least an hour) you press hard and rub it to create some friction and you apply it to clean skin.
    It will not stick if you are sweaty or sweating or if you start sweating right after you apply the tape. This means that you should apply it after a shower or after you clean the area with soap and water and when you are in a cool dry place. Do not try and apply this outside on a hot humid day just before you start exercising. I guarantee that it will come right off.
    KT TAPE will also not stick if you have any lotions, moisturizers, sunscreen etc. My experience is that it sticks great to clean skin and even clean hairy skin (sometimes too well) but any oils just kill the adhesive before it can bond with the skin.

    The other thing that I have seen with clients that use the tape is that they stretch it too much especially the ends. If the ends are under tension and then you stretch or flex the muscle the tape can pop off. This is probably a good thing because a lot of rigid tapes that we used to use would cause blisters because they were with too much tension.
    Another trick is to make sure the ends of the tape go down on skin rather than on tape. The tape sticks much better to skin than it does to itself. The other thing that I have noticed is that the body part that you are taping makes a big different. It seems to stay on a lot longer on neck, backs and shoulders and come off a lot sooner on feet and ankles. This could be because our feet take a lot more abuse than our necks or backs or it could be that our feet are a lot oilier or that the tape is more likely to catch on carpet or bed linens when worn on the feet and so it starts peeling sooner. Whatever the reasons I would expect it to stay on feet for 1-3 days and on other body parts 5-7. Maybe even longer if you are careful.
    For some reason the adhesive gets much stronger after about an hour on the skin. When I have taken it off during the first hour it comes right off but after an hour it is really on their good and can actually be painful to remove, Especially if you have hairy legs like me.

    Following these guidelines has made all the difference for my clients that have had problems getting the tape to stick but I also talked to a Chiropractor friend of mine and he tapes up a lot of athletes that wear the tape beneath hockey pads, and shin guards and other equipment and he uses a hair dryer to heat the tape up to get it to stick better in extreme situations.
    I talked another Physical therapist that tapes a lot of people that do water sports and he uses hair spray. Just find some extra strength hair spray, spray it on the area and wait for a few second so that it is kind of tacky and then apply the tape. He says this works great.

    If you don't have the luxury of waiting around for an hour you could try the hair dryer or hair spray method.
    I have also had people say that the tape sticks too well and that it hurts to remove. I recommend taking it off in the shower, a little mineral oil or conditioner will take it right off. Also if you leave it on for the full 5-7 days your top layer of skin that is stuck to the tape is ready to come off anyway.
    I love the tape, I love how my clients can keep training through injures and I love the online resources that show you have to apply the tape.

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    4Works great in certain colors
    By Beth B.
    I previously used a lesser-known brand of kinesio tape and wanted to try this brand since it came in pre-cut strips, which would make it easier to use than having to measure every time. I've been using the tape for wrist tendonitis (from my desk job) and on-again-off-again knee pain (from running). The tape has been incredibly helpful in relieving pain and allowing me to continue working and running.

    However, one thing I've noticed is that the effectiveness of the glue seems to vary depending on the color. Another runner had mentioned this to me before I purchased the tape and I thought that maybe she'd gotten a bad roll. Experience has shown me that some colors really do stick better than others. (Note that I am putting the tape on as recommended: applying to freshly cleaned and dried skin, so no sweat, oils, or water are getting in the way.) I purchased the blue and purple colors at the same time and started using the blue. I noticed that within 24 hours, the ends would start to peel, despite my cutting the edges to corners as recommended in the instructional videos. The blue tape would barely last 2 days, whereas I can get 3 days out of the purple. Showering made the blue peel off more quickly. The off-brand I'd been using would usually last 3 days (and through showers) before I felt like it needed to be removed and re-applied, so I was surprised at how quickly the blue lost its grip.

    I continued using the purple for a few months, then recently tried the blue again to see if anything had changed. One edge has already begun to peel after only a few hours. I've done everything in the videos, including rubbing the tape after applying to "activate" the glue. For whatever reason, the blue just doesn't work very well.

    Aside from that, I've been very happy with this brand and will continue to use it in the future. It's relieved a great deal of pain from my wrist and has helped whenever pain pops up in my knee. I would (and do) recommend it others, just be aware you may need to try out a few colors before you find the best one. For what it's worth, the other runner who recommended the tape to me said hot pink worked the best for her. I wouldn't recommended the blue, but the purple has met my needs just fine.

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