Aieternal - Super Strong Magnets Surround Almost Entire Wrist! Magnetic Wristband, Keeps Screws, Nails and Light Tools Handy While Working. (1-Pack)
Aieternal - Super Strong Magnets Surround Almost Entire Wrist! Magnetic Wristband, Keeps Screws, Nails and Light Tools Handy While Working. (1-Pack)
Manufacturer : Aieternal
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Embedded with super strong magnets for holding screws, nails, scissors, small tools, Bolts, bits and more;Perfect for home improvement, construction, wood working, carpentry, auto repair projects;
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #157123 in Home Improvement
  • Brand: Aieternal
  • Product Features
  • Embedded with super strong magnets for holding screws, nails, scissors, small tools, Bolts, bits and more;
  • Perfect for home improvement, construction, wood working, carpentry, auto repair projects;
  • HANDY TOOL: A solution to having your screws and nails at hand as you are drilling and hammering.
  • DESIGN: Magnets surround almost entire wrist. Magnet wristband is suited for men and women
  • SUPER STRONG: Will not fall off wristbands magnetic pull unless you take them them off!
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    5after it's first use, you will wonder why it too you so long to buy it.
    By Don Kelley
    This is a review of the Aieternal Magnetic Wristband.

    This arrived in a clear cellophane bag. I have been wanting one of these since I saw a similar one in a local big box hardware store. Prior to getting a magnetic wristband I had to deal with holding items in my pockets, and occasionally getting stabbed by the sharp nail/screw. Not anymore! Finally, I can have everything attached to my wrist and finally limit the number of things I drop. My kids are definitely pleased, I would get the eye rolling teenager having to stand below me looking for what I dropped and handing it back to me.

    I honestly do not know why I waited so long to get this product that is making my life easier and keeping my kids happy. The is a one size fits all, the weight is marginal and with the Velcro straps it is not going anywhere. There are only 3 magnets, they are not overpowering and cover about ½ of the wrist band when worn.

    This product met and exceeded all of my expectations. The price point is reasonable for what the product can do. The packaging is fine; I prefer having limited packaging rather than have me fill landfill sites with useless marketing items. I can find no reason why this does not deserve anything less than a 5-star review.

    Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount to allow me to test it, and then write a review based on the results of my experience. I am not affiliated with this company and I never promise to provide a positive review when offered a discount. I tested the product thoroughly so that you may make an informed decision. My hope is that these reviews are helpful to others. If you feel that my review was helpful, please let me know by selecting helpful from the options below. If I did not hit on key points that you think would have helped others, please comment with how I can improve, as this will help me to be a better reviewer. The views expressed are 100% my own and are in no way influenced by the promotion that I received.

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    5Perfect! No tool kit should be without it!
    By mpaunescu
    Where has this product been all my life? I don’t generally think of myself as a clumsy person, but I definitely fit into that category anytime I am using a screwdriver. It is sad. I helped my mom put up black out shades in her apartment and I turned into the biggest klutz ever. I dropped the stupid screws almost every time I started to install them, I forgot where I put them, etc. This is not normal behavior for me. I am not, generally speaking, this harebrained, but for whatever reason screwdrivers vex me. I can assemble Ikea furniture with an Allen wrench like a boss, so I haven’t lost total faith in myself, but it is embarrassing to turn into someone who is so incompetent over a simple job. Now, unfortunately, this is only going to solve half of my screwdriver woes. It isn’t going to keep me from dropping the screws when I start to install them, but it certainly solves the problem of keeping all the little screws with me! Plus, with this, I don’t have to go up and down a ladder or 20 times to retrieve more screws. Just for the sake of testing I used it this weekend when I was assembling one of my daughter’s birthday presents and I loved it! It probably allowed me to shave about 3 or 4 minutes off the job because I didn’t have to look for a screw every time I finished with one because they were just hanging out on my wrist. Overall, I really love this product and feel completely comfortable recommending it.

    Now, I did purchase this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, but I depend on reviews just as much as anyone else when I shop on Amazon and I am always honest, no point in writing reviews otherwise. If something doesn’t work for me, I say so, if it is a good product, then I get excited about it and want other people to try it as well. If I think that a product is good in general, but for whatever reason doesn’t work for me, I will still give it a good review, but point out my issue with the product. (This little rant is to attempt to counter some of the people who are rather hostile about people who test products at a discount. In my experience, and I have a fair amount, there has only been one brand that black balled me after giving them an honest and low review.)

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    5My husband’s new favorite helper-tool! No more losing screws – keep them attached to the wrist!
    By Brandi
    My husband is an electrician and has spent many hours on a ladder. There is nothing that irritates him more than dropping screws or having to find them in the bottom of his tool bag. With his luck, seriously, he LOSES way more than he finds. They must end up in a black hole. So, when I saw this magnetic wristband, I got really excited for him because – WOW – this is exactly what he needs! I then bought him this magnetic wristband and he was super stoked. It is SO LIGHTWEIGHT! I think it looks like a heavier item than what it actually is. When I read "Super Strong Magnets" I thought it would be a heavier item. I was pleasantly surprised! I wanted to see what it would hold for myself so I pulled out some serving forks and spoons. :) For work purposes, my husband has used it several times already, and, for HIS purposes, the magnet is strong enough to hold screws, nails and drill bits. He is currently using it for some work on the car. His only comment was that his wrist gets sweaty and he has to regularly take it off (depending on the environment) to let his wrist breathe. We still have not worked out whether this would be OK to hand-wash. For now, he just uses clothespins to hang it on our clothesline to air it out after he is done using it.

    I give this product a 5-star review! We can’t do anything about the sweat, and I just suggest to let your wrist breathe in-between projects. This is an excellent product and should be in a few handyman stockings for X-mas!

    DISCLAIMER : I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest, un-biased review. Each time I post a review, it is always all my own photos, opinions, and any and all experiences I have had with the product. I have no relation to the seller and am not obligated to provide a positive review . I have not received any monetary compensation. I rate according to the following: 1 star: I hated it, 2 stars: I didn’t really like it, 3 stars: it was ok but not a positively reviewed product, 4 stars: I liked it, but there were one or more things I think should be different, and 5 stars: I loved it- an awesome product! Any reference to price is based on the seller's full asking retail price. I hope you find this review helpful! If you do, please click "Helpful" or “Yes” for me so I know I have helped lead you towards a decision. Thanks!

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