Pink Soft Sided Storage Boxes - 6 Pack Made of Durable Fabric to Last a Lifetime Great for Home Office or Apartment. These work well in Kitchens, Living Rooms, Laundry and Dorm Rooms
Pink Soft Sided Storage Boxes - 6 Pack Made of Durable Fabric to Last a Lifetime Great for Home Office or Apartment. These work well in Kitchens, Living Rooms, Laundry and Dorm Rooms
Manufacturer : CheFigata
Amazon Price : $24.99
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Product Description
These durable fabric storage cubes will not only help keep you clutter free but also be a beautiful decorative addition to any room.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #673382 in Home
  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: CheFigata
  • Dimensions: 10.50" h x 10.50" w x 10.50" l,
  • Product Features
  • Storage Solutions - these storage bins will help maximize your living space and help keep you organized
  • Endless - these containers can hold magazines, crafts, toys or supplies
  • Functional - Storage baskets can be used in the Laundry Room for keeping socks and other items separated or they can work in bedrooms to keep personal items organized.
  • Well Made - these study constructed organizing bins can used for years and they also have a durable handle to help carry your items to wherever you need them.
  • Perfect Size - Each Storage Box is 10.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches for great function and decorating
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Very satisfied
    By Elizabeth
    Okay, I am really excited to give some feed back on these awesome storage boxes! First let me start by saying I have purchased very similar storage boxes at my local convenience store. You cannot beat the price of these compared to the storage boxes like these found at a local store. In town one, just one storage box can be up to eight dollars depending on if you buy one with a pattern or a certain color. If I were to buy six of these in town, if I had to guess I would pay around fourty to fourty five dollars for them. So coming across these, this is a deal you can not pass up. I have a piece of furniture conveniently made for these. I call them cubby holders. My cubby holder consist of twenty eight of these cubby holes so you can imagine I have been trying to find the storage boxes them selves at the best possible price. So I decided to invest in these. You do not have to have a piece of furniture to put the boxes I came across mine and liked it. They can really be sat anywhere from closets, laundry room shelves, really anywhere. They are great! Very sturdy and they can really be used for just about anything. I personally put clothing in mine and random items I may have around the house that would be an eye sore if I did not have a place for them. When you receive them you simply unfold them and put them where ever you would like. If you no longer need them fold them back up and they can be stored easily in any small area. I have bought similar items in the past that claim to be sturdy but the sides cave in easily. I have not had this problem this far with mine and I am very satisfied with them. Just a heads up you are getting six not just one and these are not huge but they are not super small either. I included that because I have seen some reviews stating they thought it would be one box or bigger or smaller. They are 10.5x10.5x10.5 inches. You will receive six of them. For me they are the perfect size. These containers have a handle on the front to make them easier to carry if you don't like seeing the handle you can simply turn the box to face a different direction where the handle is out of sight. To give every one an idea of what they can be used for or how much they hold I can give a few examples of what mine hold. For instance one of my storage boxes contains camis I can fold up to sixteen camis and fit them into one storage box. One holds shorts and it holds about eight pair. In one of my containers I have four birch box -makeup boxes- in along with four ipsy -makeup bags-. I still have room in the container I would say for two more boxes and two more bags. At one time I even used one of my storage boxes for my puppy at night. I did not trust her being alone on the floor with my adult dogs and the box was absolutely perfect for her plus a blanket and a toy. They come in very handy for me and I think they would many others. I feel like I can fit more clothes into these than what I can in a normal sized dresser. These specific boxes are very well made I do not find them flimsy in the least. I really like them and this brand is one of the best in this line of the product itself. I really recommend these to anyone and everyone that could use the storage space, they would be a great choice for art work, laundry, books, movies, pet toys, I mean you name it. Great product, Great seller!
    I bought this product for a discounted price in return for my honest, unbiased opinion. This is my honest review of the product. I would like any one considering purchasing this product to have enough confidence in my opinion to make an informed decision on if this product is a good choice for you. If you've found my review helpful please click the button that says helpful to leave me some feedback.

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    2Terrible logo
    By Chris and Elizabeth Marrs
    The construction on these is average. They don't fall apart when used, but they also don't feel like they'll hold up as well as some of the more expensive once we've purchased in the past. The weak point in all these drawers is the handle, if you use them for anything other than pulling them forward when they're in a cubby.

    It's great that they remain collapsible. We actually use them for cleaning the house. Our kids each have a bin with their name on it. At the end of every play time, they pick up their toys, put them in their own bin, and return them to their bedroom. They're great for that purpose.

    The thing that bothers me the most is the horrible, tacky brand label on the back. What was the manufacturer thinking? Nobody is going to see that and say to themselves, "I should buy that brand of average quality storage boxes!" No - they're going to say "I have to remember to avoid that brand, since it has a large, horribly tacky logo on it."

    I know that for many uses, that logo will never be seen. But for many uses it will - and it looks terrible.

    I rated these two out of five stars. According to Amazon's suggested guide, three stars is "it's okay." That's how I feel about the quality of the boxes. The appearance, though, is a solid two. "I don't like it." Overall, I think it deserves two stars. I wouldn't ever order them again, for sure, because I hate the logo on the back. My guess is, if you order, you will too.

    I received these at a discount in exchange for a truthful review.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    3Functional soft sided stroage boxes
    By J. Hardin
    Beige Soft Sided Storage Boxes - 6 Pack
    The advertised item I wanted to purchase was the Beige Soft Sided Storage Boxes - 6 Pack. When I ordered these, they link took me to blue soft sided storage boxes. These looked to me like something that would go more in a child’s room. I did not want the blue boxes, but the only other color that appeared to order was brown. I went ahead and ordered brown and emailed the company that I really wanted the beige they had advertised, but they never replied. They did send the brown soft sided storage boxes very quickly.
    The brown is quite dark, but it is a neutral color, so I will use them. They do not appear to be extremely durable, but I am only putting lightweight items in them. I plan to purchase a shelf which is made to hold these soft sided boxes and I think they will work very well in that way. I am somewhat pleased with the purchase, but I think the beige color would have been much prettier and would have gone better with my house.

    Soft Sided Storage Boxes - 6 Pack Made of Durable Fabric to Last a Lifetime Great for Home Office or Apartment. These work well in Kitchens, Living Rooms, Laundry and Dorm Rooms

    Disclaimer: I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review. This review is my opinion and it is truly what I believe about this product. Thank you for reading my review. Please give it a thumbs up if it was helpful to you! :)

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