RecorderGear PC550 1080P Wide Angle Portable WiFi Body Worn Camera / Motion Activated / iOS-Android App / Night Vision / Spy Pen Security Hidden Camera
RecorderGear PC550 1080P Wide Angle Portable WiFi Body Worn Camera / Motion Activated / iOS-Android App / Night Vision / Spy Pen Security Hidden Camera
Manufacturer : RecorderGear
Amazon Price : $79.00
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Avg. Customer Rating:4 of 5.0
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Product Description
What's in the box?
1 - PC550 Camera
1 - HDMI Cable
1 - USB Cable
1 - Lens Cloth
1 - Instruction Manual
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1083 in Camera & Photo
  • Brand: RecorderGear
  • Model: PC550
  • Dimensions: .98" h x .55" w x 4.50" l, .11 pounds
  • Product Features
  • ? 155° WIDE ANGLE lens captures more in your video frame, optimized for surveillance recording; 1080P@30FPS / 720P@60FPS - record in full HD and at up to 60fps for smooth fluid fast action video.
  • ? WiFi / APP CONTROL - Connect your iOS/Android device and view a live feed, transfer & record video directly to your device, and change settings. NIGHT VISION - Infrared lights on the front enables recording in the dark.
  • ? LOOP RECORDING - when the memory fills up it can record over the oldest video files; RECORDS WHILE CHARGING never worry about running out of battery life; TIME/DATE stamp your videos.
  • ? CONTINUOUS/MOTION ACTIVATED/PHOTO/VOICE RECORDER MODES for all your recording needs, HDMI OUTPUT view recordings on an external display; EXPANDABLE MEMORY - supports up to a 64GB memory card.
  • ? RECORDERGEAR quality product and live USA based customer support; 1 YEAR WARRANTY included with your PC550 Camera.
  • Customer Reviews

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    4A Stealthy Pocket Camera, Video Cam, & Voice Recorder
    By R. Fuqua
    [[VIDEOID:73f5815dcb486819484b8b440275c852]] For just shy of $90.00 I'm impressed by how many features this camera has. You can take video, infrared video in complete darkness, snap photographs, & record voice / audio (without video). I have included real life examples of each of these features in the attached video. You can form your own opinion by seeing for yourself how each feature actually works. If you like what you see, you will love this camera.

    The main frustration with this camera is learning to select each feature without a screen. I appreciate that video is the default mode and it is extremely easy to start recording. But it can be difficult to remember how to switch to photograph mode, or audio only modes. Each feature is represented by its own color on the top of the device and I completely love that the recording indicator does NOT stay lit while you are recording. You can actually record in a stealthy way - which is the point. No annoying lights to blow your cover.
    NOTE: If you are recording in complete darkness with the infrared leds turned on, there is a dim red glow that is noticeable, but it doesn't appear as though anything is recording.

    The camera can connect to your phone using a companion app, and while the app makes it easy to adjust the camera settings - I personally don't think I will use it much during recording (because the whole point is to be discrete).
    It is also annoying that the camera charges using a Mini USB cable and not a Micro USB which is standard for almost all electronic devices these days. So make sure you remember to hang on to your old MINI USB Cables so that you can actually charge this thing.

    Ultimately I feel this is a pretty great camera. If you like what you see in the attached video, then you will love this camera. If you're not impressed by the video, you'll probably want something fancier to meet your needs.

    Note: The seller provided me with a free, or discounted copy of this item in exchange for my honest & unbiased review.

    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
    5Definitely Will Want to Use the WiFi App
    By Tinfoot
    The various features can be used without the app - but the app interface is just an easier and better way to swap between recording, photo taking, audio recording only, and motion detection recording. Without the app, you have to push the Mode button on the camera a certain number of times in a certain sequence, watching for the LED to turn certain colors. Bleah. Yeah, the app is just easier and better.

    1) download "FinalCam" for either Android or iOS
    2) push the power button on the recorder, LED light on top turns blue
    3) push the WiFi button, which is below the power button. LED light stars flashing green
    4) open "FinalCam" and tap the plus icon in the upper right, then tap "C11" in the network listing. Type the default passcode
    5) and done!

    "FinalCam" also displays WiFi connectivity strength, battery level of the unit, resolution settings and so on. And as a final plus (no pun intended... okay, sort of), "FinalCam" has been becoming more and more commonly chosen by WiFi camera manufacturers as the remote viewer of choice, so chances are other WiFi-enable cameras, like action cams, will also use the same application.

    The strong yet invisible to the naked eye IR spotlighting can be manually switched ON or OFF with a physical button on the camera. And I have to say, IR bulbs have improved tremendously over the past couple years.

    Camera charges via Mini USB at approximately 5V 500mAh (0.5A). Since does record while simultaneously being powered by a power bank, can slip both a slim credit card 4,000mAh power bank and the camera into pocket, keeping the camera going for 6+ hours.

    Product provided free or with discounted price for consumer-end evaluation and review.

    I read the product page before acceptance, like any online consumer does, and my subjective opinions are based off my own expectations and desires created by the online presentation.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    5So easy to operate.
    By Honest Engine
    [[VIDEOID:92256ff5c961a50bd67bc45548ff040d]] It’s fun to play super spy when you have reliable equipment. I have reviewed other wearable spy gadgets, and a lot of them fall flat with ease of use, and quality of recording. This particular camera from Recordergear is holding up pretty well. It comes with a free app to download, so it can be used in multiple ways. I have only tested the app out of Android devices. It is available for IOS too, though. The app is called FinalCam, and it’s free to install. C11 is the camera name, and the default password is 12345678. It linked up with our cameras right away. Only one person can be connected at a time to the camera using the app. My husband and I both tried being logged into it, and it said NO, lol. The camera has its own Wi-Fi. So, when you want to link up to it, turn the camera on first, and then hit the Wi-Fi button and make sure you opened your app on your phone or tablet. Your phone will then connect with the camera, and you will be able to view what your camera is viewing. You will need to press the arrow button when you open the app, to activate the connection process. The picture is pretty clear. This will also depend on the quality of your camera or tablet too. From the app you can record, take pictures, adjust the volume, or turn it off. You can adjust the light as well. There are 4 buttons on the camera itself. One side there is a power button and the light button, for nighttime, or dark room, filming. On the other side is the Wi-Fi button and the mode button. This camera can be fully operated without the app. That’s definitely better for wearing it as a bodycam, and being more super spy like, lol. Here is a quick break down how to operate it from the buttons:
    -Press and hold to turn it on and off. It comes on with the Blue light. You can cycle through the modes with the mode button.
    Blue means record
    Red means photo mode
    Green means only Audio record mode
    Red/Blue Combo means Motion activated video mode
    Pick the color you want, and then short press the power button to activate the mode. The light will flash about 5 times, and then go into your chosen mode. It’s pretty simple, and can be done on the sly, once you get familiar with the camera button locations. You need to press the light button to activate the nighttime viewing mode. You need to supply your own micro SD card for this camera. When you buy one, make sure it is at least a class 10, or the video will not be worth our while. Now, if you have Windows 8, you will need to download the VLC video player program. It’s free, or it was when I downloaded it onto my old laptop, which is now my husband’s laptop. Otherwise you can only see the video and not hear any audio. With playing the video through VLC, you are good to go. I have Windows 10, and it plays the video and audio perfectly. I normally don’t wear shirts with chest pockets. That would be the perfect place to wear a bodycam. I place it on my belt, and filmed from the hip when I used it. I notice in the video, with many lighting variations, it will darken a little. But, my expensive camera, does that too, so, not a surprise. I swear, cameras do not know what to do with sunlight and LED lighting. It makes the lens darken somewhat, for some reason. It films for approx.. 10 minutes, and then restarts another video on its own. There seems to be an unnoticeable gap really between threads. Overall, it’s a very easy camera to operate. I think it’s fun, and user friendly. I like the sound and picture quality for a bodycam. It really is the best I have personally used to date.

    I received this for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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