5050 RGB 300 LED Strip Light DC 12V 5 meters 60led/m LED Flexible Light Strip + 44Keys remote controller + Power Adapter
5050 RGB 300 LED Strip Light DC 12V 5 meters 60led/m LED Flexible Light Strip + 44Keys remote controller + Power Adapter
Manufacturer : Light Mall
Amazon Price : $18.88
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Product Description
Operating voltage: 12V DC
LED quantity: 300 LED 5 Meter waterproof
Operating temperature: -25 to 60 °
Waterproof Rate?IP65
Viewing Angle: 120 °
Lifetime: more than 800,000 hours
Size: 500cm x 1.0cm x 0.25cm

44 Keys IR Controller:
Supply voltage: DC 12-24V
Size: 12.5cm x 5.5cm x 0.7cm
Weight: 40g

Package includes:
1 x 5M 5050 RGB LED Strip
1 x IR Control Box
1 x 44 Key Remote Controller
1 x 5A USA Power Adapter

It can stay outdoors on a rainy day(protecting your adapter with a plastic cover), so it is widely used for home decoration, patio, garden, kitchen, hotels, clubs, shopping mall, bars, shops, restaurants, casino;
Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting;
Extensively applied in Back Lighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting;
Emergency &lamp, security lighting, advertisement sign lighting;
Decorative lights for holiday, event, show exhibition, weddings, birthday party, school party, dancing party, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Saint Valentine Day, Halloween;
Applicable for automobile and bicycle decoration, TV, studio, vehicle, border or contour lighting;
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #19855 in Lawn & Patio
  • Color: 300 RGB 3M Tape + 44 Keys + Power Adapter
  • Brand: Light Mall
  • Dimensions: 6.69" h x .79" w x 6.69" l, .49 pounds
  • Product Features
  • LED Type: 5050 RGB; 5M long with 60 LEDs/M & 300 LEDs in total + 3M Tape which allow you stick anywhere you want to decorate this light with
  • Controlled by 44 Keys IR remote, 16 colors + 6 DIY selections to create your own colors
  • Safe to Use: The working voltage is 24V, extremely low heat. It is touchable and safe to children and adults
  • Usage: Decoration for Home, Garden, Boat, Club, Bar, KTV Club, Show Room, amusement park, theater and aircraft cabin mood lighting etc
  • Package include: 1 x 300leds strip light; 1 x 44 key remote controller; 1 x IR control box; 1 x power supply; 1 x user manual
  • Customer Reviews

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    4Great price and color selection
    By Kim V
    This is my 8th set of LED strip lights. In comparison to the others that I have tried, this is an ok quality set and the price is actually much better. Ive had one with a much smaller remote that was priced similar (this one is 18.88$ at the moment) and a few others ones that had the same remote and were the same length but were priced around 25$.
    You get a roll of 300 LED lights, 5M in length (about 16.4ft), if this is your first time using these, you may want to look up a manual online as the box only contains one tiny information sheet with somewhat confusing description of the remote and its functions.

    You get the wheel, power supply and the controller. I do like the many options on the remote - a TON of different colors and shades to switch between (16 colors), you can also dim them or brighten them (at least 6 different levels of brightness). There are 6 DIY buttons, you can make your own setting and save it. Besides that there are also two "jump" options and two fade options with the light slowly fading and brightening again.

    The lights are supposed to last approx 80 thousand hours, the bulbs that is, not the hardware. I would say on a scale of one to sturdy (5), this would be about a 3 so I am going to assume the bulbs may last longer than the remote or the power supply but thats to be expected at this price level. The remote and the power supply in particular are made of somewhat cheap plastic.

    The strip has adhesive tape on the back, you should be able to tape it to pretty much anything thats smooth and clean, for example along side corners of the room or on furniture. I tried just along side a door, the stickiness really isnt the best, thats probably my least favorite part. So far i havent found a strip that wouldnt have that issue.

    There is a plug on the end of the strip so you can connect two strips together and make it really long, you can cut the strip shorter as well with scissors or a sharp knife. Just make sure you cut on the right spot so you dont damage the rest of it, the intervals in which it can be split are marked on the strips, its every 3 LEDs.
    The strip is covered in silicone making it waterproof (obviously the power supply is NOT waterproof, just the strip itself). The power source is pretty heavy so you may want to start the strip from the floor as it would be hard to hang it by the ceiling, with the bulky supply hanging off it.

    Overall I'd say 4 stars for this one, it has more options on the remote than others in this price range (several more shades for example).
    I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and objective review.

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    By W.T.Hoffman

    There are two main types. One type of press on strip lights, are made for indirect lighting. With those strips, you'll have a separate BLUE LED, then a RED LED, then a GREEN LED. If you want a purple color, the blue and red LEDs will light up separately. The colored light blends in the air.. As long as you don't have to look at that type of strip light, you'll be fine. This strip light LIGHT MALL is selling, is for direct viewing. (Although nothing is stopping you from using it for indirect lighting too.) Each LED turns into whichever color you like. Since I have these glued on next to my molding on the ceiling, I can see the LEDs directly. I love the ambient lighting in my bedroom. Some of these are waterproof, and some are not. This LED strip light, has the same clear polyvinyl coating, that covers the waterproof version. I don't care for the vinyl coating, since it makes the strip lights much heavier. Then they are too heavy to stay stuck on some surfaces.

    You get a remote. After you stick these where you want them, by removing the 3M adhesive backing, you hook the end into the OPTIC adapter. This has the small electric eye, where you point the remote to control the light. Then, the white OPTIC adapter, is connected to the 12 volt transformer. If you're putting the LED strip on your ceiling, you need to take into consideration, that the transformer is really big, and heavy. Plus, you have the white OPTIC adapter to mount next to the strips as well. There's about 34 inches of wire, from the OPTIC adapter that the strip plugs directly into, and the TRANSFORMER. Then, another 3 feet of thick, heavy power cord, with the plug on the end. They all seem designed the same way, so you're going to have a huge black box (the transformer) hanging in the middle of your wall, unless you can hide it somehow. For ceilings that are higher than 6 feet tall, the electric cable won't even reach down to your plug. But that's the set up. Adhesive LED strip light, OPTIC adapter, a power line, then the TRANSFORMER box (almost five inches long), then another power cord.

    Mounting the strip lights, is the hardest part. Just peal off the backing, press on, and it should stick. I've had problems getting some brands of these LED lights to stay stuck, since the plastic coating makes them too heavy. I'm OK with the LIGHT MALL strip far. Each end of the strip light, has a plug, one male, one female. There's a male to male adapter in one end, since the strip lights ends are always female. So just pull out the male to male adapter, and use it on either end. Another review stated that they just has female ends. The male adapter is at the end of the strip light, in the CENTER of the roll. (which they probably didn't check.) After the strip light is adhered, then attach the OPTIC box with nails or screws to the wall or ceiling right next to the end of the LED stip. (Don't expect the adhesion of the strip lights, to hold up the OPTIC box. the weight of the OPTIC box pulls down the strip lights..) After you plug in the OPTIC box into the strip light, then the OPTIC box plugs into the transformer. Then, plug the transformer into the wall outlet. It sounds more complicated than it is. If you already have some STIP LIGHTS hanging, you can plug the strip light, into another strip light. Then, you don't need to use the OPTIC box and transformer.


    The strip light will do all kinds of lighting effects in your room. Do you want a soft warm glow, a peach colored sunset? A violet light for late at night? Or flashing lights of all different colors? Do you want random colors to blend into each other? Do you want to raise and lower the brightness? You have many different colors and modes of operation, on the remote. For mood lighting, this strip light is the best. The light is bright enough, to keep the room lit up in darkness. Ever since I installed my LED strip light in my bedroom, I use it all the time. Its the perfect nightlight, or mood lighting.

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    5Great lights!
    By Eric, and Fam
    [[VIDEOID:6b4ad7b0e1be1c5fc7d79c74d7eb493b]] These are pretty good LED lights that have quite a lot of functionality.

    Set up it quite easy, the power plug is two parts, the IR sensor connects to the strip via lining up the arrows, and the strip unrolls and has adhesive backing so that you can stick it to the surface you want. The power plug has about 6 feet of bare space before the lights begin. The remote has a wealth of options with 20 preset colors, 6 custom colors which can be stored, brightness options, programmed lighting options and speed settings. My video goes through a lot of the options (please note that the flickering you see is due to the refresh rate of my camera and LED strip not matching, there is no flickering perceivable in real time). Very good usage for under cabinet or in closet lighting, especially in conjunction with a motion sensing power outlet. Please note - this review is based off of a discounted review sample from the vendor. If you think this review was helpful, I’d greatly appreciate your feedback & support by clicking on the "Yes" button below. Thanks! : )

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