LE 30W Motion Sensor LED Flood Light, Waterproof, Daylight White, 6000K, 75W Bulb Equivalent, Smart PIR Floodlight, for Security, Indoor, Outdoor, Garden, Yard, etc.
LE 30W Motion Sensor LED Flood Light, Waterproof, Daylight White, 6000K, 75W Bulb Equivalent, Smart PIR Floodlight, for Security, Indoor, Outdoor, Garden, Yard, etc.
Manufacturer : Lighting EVER
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Product Description
Smart Motion Sensor
At night, with the PIR (passive infrared) motion detector, the light will be on automatically when sensing any motion of people, animals, or the objects within 8~12 meters.

Personalized Settings
According to your practical needs, you can set the lighting time, detection distance, and the sensitivity of motion sensor if the ambient light environment is dark.

Energy Conservation
This 30W floodlight can replace 75W HPSL (high pressure sodium lamp), which saves energy over 60%.

With IP65 waterproof rating, it can be mounted and applied to outdoor.
Note: the motion sensor is IP44.

Solid Housing
Die-cast aluminum housing, metal mounting bracket, and tempered glass, making it more durable in its service usage.

Wattage: 30W
Input voltage: 100-240V AC
Output voltage: 30-36V DC
Input current: 900MA
Color temperature: 6000K
Lumen: 2100lm
CRI: Over 70
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Dimension: 8.86*4.13*9.65in
Wire length: 21.65in
Material: Aluminum, Glass
Warranty: 2 years

Package List
Floodlight with motion sensor*1
User Guide*1

About LE
Lighting EVER, abbreviated to LE, focuses on creating the best lighting experience. Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted. Enjoy lighting with LE.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #13532 in Lighting
  • Brand: Lighting EVER
  • Product Features
  • Motion Sensor: At night, the light will be on automatically when sensing any motion within 8~12 meters.
  • Waterproof: IP65 rating, can be mounted outdoor; the motion sensor is IP44.
  • Energy Saving: Equivalent to 75W high pressure sodium lamp, saving energy over 60%.
  • Customized Settings: Lighting time, detection distance, the sensitivity of sensor according to different ambient light environments.
  • Versatile: For lighting of porch, hallway, aisle, door, corridor, staircase, etc.
  • Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

    14 of 15 people found the following review helpful.
    5Bought 10+; Nothing Is Perfect But This is as Close as I've Found
    By john doe
    I have purchased more than 10 of these lights and I like them. The ones outdoors see hard use in the AZ sun, wind, rain (monsoons are a thing in the desert), dust storms, and sub-freezing temperatures (about every night for a week this January). The indoor ones run almost constantly.

    To be clear - they are not perfect and yes, I had them fail. Yet I still rate them 5 stars. Here's why (I don't work for LE or get any sort of compensation from their products):

    1) They deliver exactly what I wanted them to on the color temperature (~6000K), luminous flux (~2000 lumens), and configurable IR sensitivity, illumination duration, and daylight sensitivity.

    2) They are *SO* much better than the other brand on Amazon (GLW). In comparison, the GLW delivered dim (best guess ~1000 lumens), bluish-purple (best guess ~8000K) light.

    3) They are *still* better than the 50W eTopLighting light, which has about the same luminous flux as the LE 30W and a less sensitive passive IR sensor.

    4) They are easily repaired in case of heat-related failure (just replace the LED - Approx $7.69 part w/ Amazon Prime).

    5) It's relatively easy to prevent heat-related failure (add more high quality thermal grease in between the LED & the case).

    6) It's relatively easy to prevent water intrusion (silicone grease and/or sealant).

    You may assert that you should never have to repair or do preventative modifications but I have yet to find a better light for the same or less money anywhere, including the big box home improvement stores.

    These things are inexpensive enough so that you can have a lot of them - I put one in the laundry room and kitchen so that it'll come on when your hands are full. If you find a better one, please let me know where to get it!

    7 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
    5Great light for security
    By Chilehead Craig
    My back yard has no light... none! I wanted to try and figure out the best light source back there so that we can use the space at night as well as have better security at night. There are many options for back yard lighting, but I was sure I wanted to go with LED. More light for less power? Yes, please! Now came the choice as to how much wattage and what style to use. I was fortunate to review some lighting samples from Lighting Ever for my evaluation and review, so I will compare the different outdoor lights below:

    LE 70W LED Wall Pack Light
    I had never consider a wall pack style light for home use, but wanted to at least consider and compare it with a flood light style light. Overall light out put was fantastic! The area of my yard that I was trying to illuminate was completely lit to the point that we could play a game of ball back there. Since the light is made up of many smaller lights that are spread apart, there is much more area and less of a "spotlight effect". The diffuser panel also helped to disperse the light so that the area had a nice, move evenly lit appearance. While the overall housing is a little more bulky than a flood light, it does set flush against the wall and it can easily be tucked up under the eves of your roof so that its not as noticeable. There is not motion light, but if you open the housing (very easy to do), there is space to come out of the side and connect to an external motion sensor (but not the left side). Overall a really bright light!

    LE 50W LED Wall Pack Light
    This light uses the same housing as the 70W Wall Pack, but uses fewer LEDs. However, they are spread out more so that they aren't all clustered in the middle. This ensures that the large space is still used efficiently. In the area I was trying to light, there was almost no visual difference to me, but my camera did so that it had to increase the ISO (camera sensor sensitivity) to get the same exposure, telling me that the 70W did indeed put out more light. Based on this comparison, I would recommend the 50W for homes with a single story and the 70W if its to be mounted up higher. Light falloff is exponential with distance, so if mounted up higher, you'll need more light to make sure the ground is still well lit.

    LE 30W Motion Sensor Light, LED Flood Light (THIS LIGHT)
    This was the smallest and cheapest of the bunch and it also included a motion sensor. While it still lit the area fairly well, the light was more concentrated at the center with quicker falloff and the edges of the lit area. The ISO of my camera also went up significantly showing that its definitely not as bright as the 50W and 70W lights (as can be expected). While the area still had decent light, the light was much more "pointed" and not something that I'd consider good for entertaining in. I preferred the more even light spread of the wall packs. I think this would work best in areas that you want the motion light to come on for security purposes.

    So, 3 lights with 3 different uses. In summary, I feel the lights work best for the following uses, which is how I intend to use them:

    70W Wall Pack: Evenly light medium to large area when mounted up high.
    50W Wall Pack: Evenly light medium to large area when mounted lower.
    30W Flood Light: Light dark areas of your yard where security is a concern.

    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
    5Works great and really lights up a nice area.
    By Animal
    I recently purchased the LE® 30W Motion Sensor Light, LED Flood Lights. and it stated it was the equivalent of a 75 watt high pressure sodium light. Well someone is WAY off there, it's more like a 200+ watt HPS or a 400 watt halogen flood light. The unit is heavy built and is a fairly nice size. with a glass lens that will be nice if it needs cleaned it won't be getting scratched and end up blocking some light.
    The cord is long enough to be hardwired to an electrical box.
    The sensitivity of the detector has adjustments that will take a little time and adjusting to get them to work well but it does work nice once set. And WOW does this light up a pretty big area and with a really white light, not a yellowish dull color.
    The mounting bracket does well to hold the light solid, but there is no way to adjust the direction left and right. but with a little imagination and a wood, plastic, spacer and some longer mounting screws you can at least get it pointing close to where you need it.
    Overall I'm pretty happy with it so far.
    Oh and the wire colors are different than US standards, so double check when hooking up.

    If after reading my review of this product If you find it interesting or useful please rate it as "helpful" or leave a comment. I enjoy writing reviews on products that will potentially help someone make an informed decision based on my experience and I also greatly appreciate your feedback. So please, feel free to let me know if I helped.
    I make many purchases here on Amazon and base my purchases on reviews of the product from others as well. I know that honest and helpful reviews provide insight to the company, the product, and to the purchasing experience as well.

    If I feel the product is .... garbage, I will be honest and let you know what I think.
    I try to be as direct as possible, but sometimes there are only so many things you can say about a product. My reviews are not only for the sellers benefit but for other customers interested in purchasing this product as well.

    I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for a fair, honest and unbiased review. I only buy products that I will actually use and test to give fair feedback on.

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