[Upgraded] Solar Powered String lights, Addlon Fairy string decorative lights, 72ft 200 LED 2 work Modes,Solar Ambience for Outdoor, Garden, Home, Wedding, Christmas party,Waterproof(Blue)
[Upgraded] Solar Powered String lights, Addlon Fairy string decorative lights, 72ft 200 LED 2 work Modes,Solar Ambience for Outdoor, Garden, Home, Wedding, Christmas party,Waterproof(Blue)
Manufacturer : ADDLON
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Product Description
ADDLON is a large scale LED lighting manufacturer whose mission is 'To Brighten Every Home'

-LED light can keep glowing for about 10 hours a night after fully charged during the day.
-No wiring needed, powered by solar energy.
-Best choice for Garden,Homes,Wedding,Christmas Party,Event Decorative Lighting,can be hung on tree
branches, bushes, roof, eave, fence
or any other places you wish.

2.Lamp beads quantity: 100
4.Charging time:6-8hours.
5.Working time:8-15hours.

The solar panel MUST be installed in a well-lit location where it can receive maximum sunlight during daytime
hours. Any cover that shades the panel will affect its ability to absorb sunlight and decrease the amount of
brightness and duration of the LED lights. The lights and solar panel box are all weather devices - They should not
be affected by exposure in rain, snow or temperature.
The solar panel box can be placed on the ground by using the pointed stake. Install the stake into the ground
until it is firmly in place. If the ground is too hard, soak the area with water to soften it. Please ensure that
the solar panel is pointed toward the sunlight. At least 6 hours of exposure to sunlight is required for illumination.
Although the solar panel will continue to collect energy in cloudy, rainy or snowy days, it will diminish
the ability to accumulate energy and the duration of the illumination.

Package Included:
1 x Solar Panel
1 x 20 cm Spike
1 x 200 LED Solar String Fairy Lights
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #6787 in Lawn & Patio
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: ADDLON
  • Product Features
  • ?Specification:Length:22m/72ft, Lamp beads quantity: 200,Two work modes: steady-on and flash.
  • ?Waterproof (IP65):Perfect for outdoor and indoor use.
  • ?Higher efficiency: 51% larger upgraded solar panel leads to high speed charging for lights and with CE certification.
  • ? High capacity: Double premium battery cell 1.2v 1600mA Charging time: 6-8hours.Working time:8-15hours.
  • ?Easy to install. NO wiring required,NO BATTERY.Recharged by solar panel under sunlight, totally Eco-friendly product.
  • Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
    5Like little blue fireflies
    By Carol T.
    I am the biggest fan of solar powered lights. They're amazing. Easy to put up, don't use electricity, turn on by themselves, and stay on until the morning (pretty much). I'm using these pretty blue lights for holiday cheer. But they can be used year round for everything from weddings to birthday parties to just pretty twinkling lights wherever you want inside or out.

    This particular set is a 40 foot strand of 100 tiny blue fair lights. With the lights is an attached solar panel and a spike for positioning the panel in the ground in direct sunlight so that it charges all day and then goes on automatically when it gets dark outside. There's a good gap of wire between the first light and the solar panel – a good 6 – 7 feet – without lights so that you have some wiggle room for positioning the solar panel. Even if you have the strand switched to off, it will continue to charge via the solar panel.

    My set came charged. I'm not sure if they were 100% charged but good enough. After they charge during the day, they will stay on until the wee hours of the morning, then turn themselves off when they run out of juice. The extra nice thing about these lights is that they come with a pack of clips for hanging. Also there are eight different operating modes that allow you to have a choice of twinkling lights, fading lights, waves, on 100%, etc. I really love this feature.

    These are safe outside in wet weather conditions but, of course, I wouldn't want the panel drenched or anything. But they are generally safe in rain or snow. Particularly nice not to have to plug lights in with an electrical cord or extension cords.


    I received a free or low-cost sample in exchange for my honest opinion. I do not automatically provide four- or five-star reviews when I receive a low- or no-cost item as is evidenced in my review history. I do not receive compensation for my reviews.

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
    5Very pretty blue solar LED string lights
    By Sara Ellis
    [[VIDEOID:7982ebc92d45530ceebe0b161c0f739]]I love solar string lights because I can put them up wherever I want to without worrying about electric outlets or extension cords, and they don't cost me anything to run! Solar string lights are easy to use when decorating for birthday parties, festivals, special occasions, and holidays, and they take up very little space when not in use. These gorgeous blue string lights are going to look terrific hung around my driveway gates this Christmas!

    This set is 40' long and contains 100 blue LED lights that get their power from a small attached solar panel. The set includes a stake to position the solar panel in the ground for optimum sunlight, and there's about 6' of cord between the solar panel and the first bulb so you have plenty of room to place the panel discretely.

    They come pre-charged, but you'll want to turn them on and place the solar panel in full sun for about 6 - 8 hours to be sure they're fully charged before using them. When you're ready to use them turn the solar panel to the on position and then position the solar panel where it gets the most sunlight possible. The panel needs to charge between 6 - 8 hours during the day, and the more direct sunlight the panel gets, the longer the lights will stay on, (up to 8+ hours).

    There's a "mode" button on the back of the solar panel right next to the power button. These lights have 8 operating modes which include waves, sequential, slo-glo, flash/slow fade, twinkle, and steady on. I'm sure that will be fun to experiment with, but I'm just going to go with steady on. The entire set is weatherproof, so you can safely use these outdoors regardless of weather conditions. You can't daily chain these solar light sets though, so each 40' strand requires it's own solar panel. These are easy to use, don't cost anything to operate, and look great!

    This pretty set of solar LED string lights was provided by ADDLON for evaluation and review. They're gorgeous and I can't wait for Christmas to string them up! Having the clips to string them up included was a very helpful touch too.

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
    5Gorgeous little fairy lights
    By S. Johnson
    I love the blue cast these give off, it looks amazing at night. I have a string of solar-powered flower shaped fairy lights in the tree outside my window and I adore the faint blue glow coming in my window at night. These are now going to join those to bring even more light and panache to my quaint little backyard. These have a lot of tiny lights so it looks even more magical at night. The dark green cord blends in very well to trees or shrubbery. You can either keep them outside all the time and let the sun charge them daily so they light up at night or charge them outside and bring them inside for a party for a pretty ambiance. They actually work really well and a good day in the sun will keep them shining brightly until the dawn sun comes up and turns them off. They are weather proof and the rain has not affected or damaged them at all. The only downside of solar lights is if you have a very overcast day they either won't charge or will only charge partially and the lights won't be very bright. I've only had a few days where mine have not turned on at night and some days they have been dim, but WHO CARES, it's free power from the sun! ????
    I received these lights at no cost for honest and unbiased review.

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