V-LIGHT Traditional Style CFL Banker's Desk Lamp with Green Glass Shade (VS688029AB)
V-LIGHT Traditional Style CFL Banker's Desk Lamp with Green Glass Shade (VS688029AB)
Manufacturer : V- Light
Amazon Price : $49.99
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Product Description
This distinguished banker's style lamp will be a welcome addition to any home office or executive suite. Featuring all metal construction and a rich antique brass finish, the lamp is beautifully highlighted by the iconic green glass shade. The traditional styling includes an old-fashioned pull chain and a multi-step pedestal base. The lamp is 14-3/4 inches tall and is ETL listed for use with a 13W CFL bulb, which is included. Includes a manufacturer's 90 day limited warranty.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #8143 in Office Product
  • Color: Antique Brass
  • Brand: V- Light
  • Model: VS688029AB
  • Published on: 2015-06-01
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 14.75" h x 6.50" w x 6.50" l,
  • Product Features
  • Classic banker's style desk lamp
  • Metal construction with green glass hade
  • Traditional design and antique brass finish
  • On/off pull chain located on socket
  • 13W Energy-saving CFL bulb included
  • Customer Reviews

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    2A Lamp's Tale in 3 Chapters - Bad, Worse, Worst....
    By Deep Thought
    V-LIGHT Traditional Style CFL Banker's Desk Lamp with Green Glass Shade

    I recommend steering clear of this lamp. The workmanship is shoddy in a number of places. It was one thing after another.

    First, I found some sort of white paint-like material on the power cord. I could have lived with that since it looks easy enough to remove, yet as a consumer I do not expect to have to complete the work which should had been done in the factory or correct the manufacturer's mistakes. On to assembly. It is not difficult at all-- simply screw the vertical post onto the base and then the shade assembly onto it. You also must pull the cord down through the post before you do this. Problem number two appeared when screwing the shade assembly onto the post. It does not screw in completely, even with a lot of force, and the threads are still visible at that point. Problem number three occurred as I was walking with my new lamp towards the area where I put stuff that I plan to not use, but eventually donate or dispose of. As I was walking, a chip of green glass fell to the floor. I looked and saw that this glass chip had fallen out from the area of the shade where the hole is (where it is attached by a bolt and rubber washer to the metal assembly). I did turn the lamp on, but I could see tiny but visible imperfections in or on the glass (permanent stains?).

    See photos for detail.

    Redeeming Qualities - The base is weighted, so it gives the impression of being solid (of course it's just metal weight). The metal exterior and it's brushed finish appears pretty nice. There is a rubber-like pad on the bottom of the base. It comes with a suitable warm colored bulb.

    Not recommend unless priced SIGNIFICANTLY less then current price ($50).

    Update: I went back at it again, and used a LOT of force and finally did get the post to screw in completely. I still cannot recommend this lamp at anything other than a clearance price point.

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    5Overall a nice desk lamp
    By Kendall Giles
    [[VIDEOID:dfa0e9b7ff17e2ebe03fcbf84fd8e269]] In my video I show in detail how to put together the lamp as well as review the features of the lamp. I also point out a few minor flaws -- the glass shade has a sharp edge, the electrical cord had some sort of residue on it, and the metal base has a few dings in the finish. But this lamp is also very inexpensive, so if you want the look of a traditional banker's style desk lamp, then you might want to consider this lamp. It looks very nice on my desk--I'm happy with it.

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    2The pieces are very sturdy and heavy and will stay wherever you put it ...
    By Amazon Customer
    The V-Light Banker's Desk light has some problems that you should be aware of before ordering.

    I'll start with the packaging. It is somewhat ackward the way both sides of the styrofoam are used with the cord taped with boxing tape on the sides. Any way you pull this out, either the top or bottom will have gravity working against it. The tangled mess of tape and cord doesn't help with the unboxing experience.

    The unit I received also suffered from some sort of white paint all over the cord itself. At first I thought this might be a result of the tape adhesive and stryfoam, but it was very difficult to remove. I think it was actually white paint. The huge warning stickers at the end of the cord seem disportionally large and they were not taped perfectedly back-to-back. This resulted in about half an inch of adhesive exposed, sure to collect dust later.

    Putting the unit together was fairly straightforward. There are three pieces that need to be assembled, the base, the arm, and the lamp shade. You pull the cord tight and screw the unit together.

    The pieces are very sturdy and heavy and will stay wherever you put it on your desk. The finish looks great. The bottom of the lamp has a soft rubber finish that will not scar or scrape your furniture. The green shade had a slight bubble blemish that was amplified when turned on.

    I think I could forgive everything so far and give this item a three star review, but there is one imperfection that I can't forgive. The shade is attached to the arm with bolt nut with rubber washer things in between on both sides. In the provided photograph it appears to be a nice flush connection. Not so with the item I received. The rubber plug/washer doesn't fit into the hole in the shade on either side. This causes this banker's lamp to look very cheap and poorly designed. It is not an item you would visibly display on an executive desk, for example. It would feel more at home in a garage.

    I'm not a fan of CFL bulbs anyway, and the 13W CFL that comes packaged with this lamp cast a cold blue tone, probably somewhere in the 4000K range. The sticker on the lamp states that only a 13W CFL can be used, so don't think you are going to switch out the mercury containing bulb with an LED or Edison bulb. When the CFL bulb goes out, don't throw it in the garbage either - you must dispose of it properly as toxic waste. And whatever you do, don't drop and break it in your house or you will need a hazmat crew to clean it up.

    I can't really recommend this lamp at all. It's made in China and has too many undesirable defects.

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