Saicoo® LED Desktop Lamp with Large LED Panel, Seamless Dimming-Control of Brightness and Color Temperature, An USB Charging Port
Saicoo® LED Desktop Lamp with Large LED Panel, Seamless Dimming-Control of Brightness and Color Temperature, An USB Charging Port
Manufacturer : saicoo
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Product Description
An LED lamp accompanies you from day to night, work to sleep.

Apply to All Scenes
• Color temperature covers cold (5500K-6500K), natural(4300K-5300K), warm (2700K-3300K)color, ideal for working, reading, relax respectively.
• Sleep light triggered by an independent switch renders dim light for the night.
• Memory setting keeps operations you¡¯ve done last time before turning off the lamp.

Special Eye-Care LED
• LED panel with large size (7.4 inch) outperforms those lamps with small LED panels.
• Special light-reflection design generates soft and non-flickering light, relieves eye-fatigue from long-time work and reading.

Intuitive Controls
•Seamless and smooth brightness and color temperature control generates a unique light you prefer.
• Clear and intuitive LED indicators on the smooth tempered-glass panel ensures no-brainer control.
• Gentle vibration reminds you of maximum or minimum setting point.

Every Possible Angle
• 5 adjustable points (including 2 rotating angles and 3 bending angles) enables almost every angle and position you can imagine.
• Foldable neck-design folds the lamp to a compact shape, effectively saves space for storage, or take on the go.

Extra Charging Port
• A discreetly-placed USB port on the side of the panel charges a mobile device at up to 1 amp.

For Optimal Use
*Though the lamp holds variety of angles and positions, please try not to tip over the lamp due to the weight of the LED panel (premium heat-dissipation aluminum adopted).
*To ensure stable lighting, please do not connect devices demanding input current higher than 1A to the side USB port(5V/1A) for a long time.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #19733 in Lighting
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: saicoo
  • Model: S0901B-SW04-T
  • Dimensions: 17.13" h x 5.91" w x 14.57" l,
  • Product Features
  • Apply to All Scenes: Seamless Mode Control: Seamless dimming control of brightness and color temperature (2700K- 6500K) with countless levels and combinations, ideal for work, reading, relax, sleep and more.
  • Special Eye-Care LED: Large-sized LED panel (7.4 inch) with special light-reflection design generates soft, non-flickering light.
  • Easy Touch-Sensitive Manipulate: Controls over power, lightness, color temperature, sleep are all done button-free on the touch-sensitive panel.
  • Most-Flexible Angles: 5 adjustable points let you adjust the lamp with almost any position you'd like, from up to down, front to back .
  • What You Get: Saicoo® LED Desktop Lamp, UL listed power adapter, user manual, 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support.
  • Customer Reviews

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    36 of 40 people found the following review helpful.
    5Features adjustable brightness and color temperature plus a USB charging port
    By J. Chambers
    [[VIDEOID:moY3XYA5SI1QPS]]The Saicoo LED desk lamp is different from other desk lamps that I've seen. Instead of a long narrow light head, the light panel is a wider, more squarish 7½"x5". With the rotating arms and light panel, you can put the light wherever you want on a desk. Although it's a fine general purpose lamp, I think it would be ideally suited for close-up detail work where you need the light focused on one area. Either way, the color temperature and intensity of the light can be dialed in with the touch-sensitive buttons. There's a Sleep button that dims the light. I'm not sure what this function is intended for, but I think it's meant to act like a night light.

    The 7.9"x5.9" base isn't very heavy, so extending the arm and light panel in certain configurations could cause the lamp to turn over. The USB port with a 5V/1A output in the base is a nice feature that could be useful for recharging a phone or tablet.

    I checked the temperature of the light panel after the lamp had been on at maximum intensity for an hour. It was a uniform 90 degrees F across the panel. At normal working distances, I doubt if anyone using the light would feel the heat enough to be uncomfortable.

    With adjustable brightness and color temperature, and the USB charging port, this is a very nice desk lamp.

    The lamp was provided to me for evaluation and review.

    15 of 15 people found the following review helpful.
    4I like it
    By MT
    The LED is one of our best inventions, and that is what's making all these "new" lamps so cool, more than anything else. This one takes the lamp idea a bit further than most, by adding multiple levels for dimming and color shift. There is room for improvement in some areas though.

    The materials used in this model seem to be of good quality, but the construction (or the manufacturing) is a bit lacking. Out of the box, there was a small circular plastic piece that had fallen off the side cover of the top hinge. Also, the glass covering the base has some dings in it. These are minor issues of course. The big issue is the touch controls, not on this lamp only, but on almost all of them.

    Everyone wants to cram touch controls on everything, but in certain situations they are mere gimmicks, and a hindrance. For a lamp, it might be fine to use only one control, with a grove or some form of tactile marker to make it easy to operate without looking.

    Imagine this lamp with dials! Not only would that make it look way cooler, but also easier to operate, and you can find out the level of brightness or color shift with a glance. Having to look-to-operate is not the end of the world, it is just annoying sometimes. The good thing with this model is that the buttons (they should really be called touch areas) are back-lit, except for sleep button, which strangle only lights up after you press it, making it a bit more annoying to find than the rest of the "touch areas."

    Anyway, this lamp does succeed at being a lamp; its main function, even though it looks like a super bright Kindle. I like the large, diffused, light emitting area, and I love all the fine tuning you can do to the light color, to get it to suit your mood just right.

    It could be brighter, but it is not dim by any means. I had a 50W halogen lamp whose near death prompted this purchase, and comparing the two, this LED lamp is a bit dimmer (maybe 7 to 10 watts worth by incandescent standards). However, I like the lighting quality of this one better, and if you shift the color to the warmest, it is nearly identical to the halogen light color to my eyes.

    I love the sleep mode, which dims the light lower than what you get with the level buttons, and shifts the color to the warmest, transforming the lamp into a great night light instantly.
    The lamp has a good versatility for positioning the light, with some limits as some positions will cause it to tip over. I am worried that the hinges might loosen up with use, I will update if this happens, otherwise, this is one of the best implementations of LED lighting out there, and you will love it.
    Saicoo, please make the next one brighter, with green, or red, softly back lit dials instead of touch controls, and a bendable goose neck. What the heck, go crazy with a Bluetooth version, and remote control apps on PCs, tablets and smartphones, with timers or schedules to switch on and off, and shift the light color.

    20 of 22 people found the following review helpful.
    3Not as bright as an elongated 20 watt florescent desk lamp
    By JerryEl
    For glare free reading this is a great product but it's not as bright as I thought it would be.

    I can see better with the 20 watt elongated desk light than this one when soldering or doing other small work. The low wattage means some electrical savings but the negligible heat produced is a big plus. I have it on my desk but it might be a good product for reading in bed. If they added a way to hang the base from the wall or headboard it would be even better.

    Kind of high priced if you just want a simple light but this has a lot of features you will never use. I know I don't, I just leave it on high all the time.

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