American Standard 738756-0070A Tank to Bowl Coupling Kit
American Standard 738756-0070A Tank to Bowl Coupling Kit
Manufacturer : American Standard
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Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #4132 in Home Improvement
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: American Standard
  • Model: 738756-0070A
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 1.00" w x .0" l, .35 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Tank to bowl coupling kit 241
  • Includes two 5/16-Inch hex nuts with captive washers and speed connect bolts
  • Includes two grommets
  • Includes a Fluidmaster coupling nut, washer and a close coupling washer
  • Customer Reviews

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    5This is the kit for Champion Series commode--all coupling kits ARE NOT interchangeable, not even the "universal" ones.
    By h,s (s h)
    The Chamnpion Series requires the tank to be bolted on especially tight to the base. Thisi brings the tank down onto the raised rib on front and the raised numb in back on the base so that the tank doesn't rock. It also squeezes the large gasket to seal the water openings betweent he tank and bowl and it compresses the heck out of the rubber stem washers that sit under the bolts. They'll compress to about half their thickness once the bolts are tight, which is why you should not bother trying to reuse them ever.

    Before you start tighening the bolts besure the gasket is fitted properly in place, that the tank is placed as evenly and level as possible and that the bolts (still loose) are lined up veritcal and not ant an angle, which would indicate that the tank isn't sitting in correct position.

    How tight do you tighten? Too much and you will crack the tank, base, or both. Use a small ratchet and socket with an extension. Al ost anything else and you're liekly to crack or chip the tank or base. Snug the nugs finger tight using the socket and extension but not the ratchet. Then put onthe ratchet and tighten each bolt a little at a time, going back and forth between bolts -- this keeps the pressure even. When the tank almost touches the nubs in back, further tighen slowly and slide a piece of paper over the nub to see if the tank is touching it yet. Keep going until you just reach the point where the paper can't slide through -- THEN STOP! Don't ever touch that bolt again unless you're goin to remove it and install a whole new kit.

    This will be more torque than you might expect and more than most toilets require.

    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
    5Pain to install, but worked great.
    By Amazon Customer
    I bought this kit because I needed to remove the tank on an American Standard Champion toilet in order to install an upgraded flush valve. The original flush valve that came with the champion when it first came out, never worked right, so if you have the tall white plunge tower, you will eventually need to replace it with the shorter but larger green flush valve. Because removing and replacing the tank is such a pain in the butt, I would never do so without changing this gasket. Pulling the tank off to do what you have to do is bad enough, but having to do it twice because the old gasket leaks is worse.

    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
    3Torque specs.
    By john banales
    Easy enough to install
    When tightening the nuts, it seemed that if you followed the tightening instructions it would crack the tank. Tightening the tank, untill it contacts the two raised bumps on the bowl. It should have torque to, instructions.

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