20 Amp Heavy Duty 12 Volt On/off Wireless Remote Control Switch
20 Amp Heavy Duty 12 Volt On/off Wireless Remote Control Switch
Manufacturer : Fimco
Amazon Price : $26.94
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Product Description
Wireless control any 12-volt accessory up to 20 amps. 12-volt On/Off Remote Control allows you to turn your 12-volt auxiliary lights on or off from the operator's seat without the hassles of wires through the firewall. Ideal for use with equipment mounted on ATVs, utility vehicles, lawn tractors or pickup hitches, electric boat winches, operate bilge pumps on boats, start cattle misters, as well as for control of waterfowl decoys for more realistic movements. Easy-to-install remote control module connects between the battery and 12 volt accessory. A convenient key-chain remote with clip is then used to turn your equipment on and off. Module features quick connectors or may also be hard-wired.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #16974 in Home Improvement
  • Brand: Fimco
  • Model: 7771938
  • Product Features
  • Extended Wireless Range
  • Remote has Collapsible Antennae & Button Cover
  • Convenient Keychain Clip
  • Rear View Showing Power In and Power Out Hookups
  • Quick Connect Into FIMCO Products Or Wire Into All 12 Volt Products Up To 20 Amps
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Remote controlled 12 Volt DC switch
    By Amazon Customer
    I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this product because of price and no reviews. I liked the product specs because I wanted long range control and high current if needed. The product works great and range is over 200 feet. There was not much wiring instructions but is easy to figure out. POWER IN red wire connects to + 12 Volts DC and POWER IN black wire to - or ground. POWER OUT red wire is the switched +12 volts DC and POWER OUT blue wire is - or ground. When power is applied to the module a red LED on the side glows. There should be no voltage at the RED and BLUE wires measured with a digital DC voltmeter. Push the remote ON button and 12 Volts DC should appear at POWER OUT RED(+) and BLUE (-) wires. Push the remote OFF button and 12 volts at POWER OUT will go off.

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    5A huge time saver and a quality product
    By Rick East Branch ny
    This is a great alternative when it comes to conventional wiring jobs. I used this for a light bar on my new truck i didnt want have the bother of going thru the firewall etc so used this wireless switch with the quick connects this job couldnt be easier. I would certainly use this again for other projects it is alittle pricier then most but i do like the quality but i will shop it alittle better next time arounf

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    4POLARITY REVERSED (at least on mine)
    By CoolShade
    Ok... I tried to get this thing to work; the remote seemed to light up, but NOTHING from the box. So I seemed to remember reading about polarity. What the heck. I opened the box up and indeed, the box was mislabeled. The POWER IN and POWER OUT were wrong according the actual circuit board inside. So I flipped my wires and it worked fine. A HINT: the TOP of the printing on the label for POWER IN and POWER OUT should go toward the labelled side of the box... or, NOT upside down when the box is placed with the FIMCO label showing// the BLUE ground is the OUT current side, the BLACK is the IN current side.
    By the way- it says heavy duty but I wasn't sure. The relay on the inside says 20AMP Just to check I hooked it up to my beekeeping oxidizer with a fused line. 7.5 AMPs burned instantly... no surprise. So I put in a 20 AMP fuse. Tried it twice, and it is working without a hitch. It took the POWER IN/OUT label off and turned it around-other people borrow this gadget.

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