Stanley 39387 EZ Outdoor Power Cord Protect Box
Stanley 39387 EZ Outdoor Power Cord Protect Box
Manufacturer : Stanley
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Product Description
The Stanley EZ Protect Box keep extension cord concretions dry. Prevents extension cord connections from pulling apart. Protects connections from the elements.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #14208 in Home Improvement
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Stanley
  • Model: 39387
  • Dimensions: 2.80" h x 4.40" w x 12.30" l, .40 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Insulated connection between a cable and an extension cord
  • Protects the connection between a power cord plug and extension cord outlet from rain, snow, and dirt
  • Ideal outdoors for temporary connections
  • Safe around children
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Great way to keep your cord ends dry
    By Jack H
    This is a great product if you need to use extension cords outside for any kind of extended use. I live in Indiana and have a heated water dish for my dog; this is the perfect solution to let me get the dish closer to the dog house since the cord won't reach the house. We've had hard rains (over an inch in just a couple hours) and snow (over three inches on the ground right now) already this fall and every time I've popped this open to check it's been bone dry inside.

    The color is nice; no chance this is going to blend in with the grass and someday get hit by a lawn mower.

    It's not totally clear from the pictures, but there is a slider inside that you can use to secure the two plugs so there's less chance of them pulling apart. A nice added feature I wasn't expecting.

    The seals at the ends seem to fit very tightly around both cords (both are 16/2 with ground) and the latching system is very secure, so short of being punctured or cut by something, I think this will do its job for years to come. I'm very happy with this purchase and will probably be ordering more for stringing Christmas lights.

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    2EZ Protect Outdoor Power Cord
    By Chris Behrens
    I bought this product for two purposes: 1. Secure electronic yard equipment power cords to extension cords - works well once you figure out how to use the included parts to wedge the male and female power connectors together inside the box; 2. Provide a "waterproof" housing to connect a heated bird bath power cord over winter. There are rubber grommets on both ends of the housing. I think they'll be adequate for the job as long as the housing isn't submerged.

    I'll probably buy another if I'm satisfied with this one. Instructions for the included spacers would have been nice but you should be able to figure out how to use them based on product images.

    Update: This product only lasted one calendar year before separating at the hinge between the clamshell. I can no longer recommend the product.

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    4We needed something to protect our dog from the extension cord!
    By Stephen Jarjoura
    Our new dog (a 1yr old Beagle mix) decided to chew on the female end of an extension cord, disconnecting it from the power strip that was plugged into it, and got himself shocked for the effort. It made a small burn on the side of his mouth and scared him and us half to death! So, after veterinary treatment and a solid recovery, we looked at ways to keep that from ever happening again. One solution (among several we are implementing, including split weave cord protector and a bitter apple spray) is to seal the junction of the extension cord and the power strip in one of these Power Cord Protect Boxes. This box is a very solid plastic and locks tight, making it nearly impossible for him to get open with his mouth. I also like the fact that it makes it nearly impossible for the power strip to be accidentally pulled from the end of the extension cord.

    The instructions on the package are rubbish, basically saying "insert cord, close box, done" without addressing the movable shuttle inside the box or the extra, key shaped plastic piece that comes with it. The shuttle is easy to figure out, just from examining the product photo carefully, but it took me a few minutes to find a good use for that extra piece of plastic. I inserted it, with one of the cords, into the end of the box, and closed the cover. Now the box has an easy to use and secure hanging loop, so it can be hung from a hook or nail. While I'm not entirely sure that was it's intended use, it seems likely and works well. I have uploaded a photo of this to illustrate what I mean, and hope that it proves useful to others wondering the same thing.

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