Intermatic TN111K 15-Amp Lamp and Appliance Timer
Intermatic TN111K 15-Amp Lamp and Appliance Timer
Manufacturer : Intermatic
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Product Description
The TN111K premium indoor 24-hour plug-in timer is simple to use and program. Simply set the ON/OFF trippers into the desired time slots, then plug the light into the timer and the timer into the wall outlet. It is ideal for lamps and appliances. You can schedule 2 ON/OFF events at 15-minute intervals. CSA certified. 15A, 125VAC, 60Hz.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #5728 in Home Improvement
  • Size: Single
  • Brand: Intermatic
  • Model: TN111K
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 4.91" h x 3.00" w x 6.63" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Controls LED and CFL lights
  • Comes with 2 ON/2 OFF Trippers
  • Single 2-prong plug and receptacle
  • Manual override
  • 5 year warranty
  • Customer Reviews

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    4Intermatic Lamp and Appliance Timer
    By M. Hill
    This timer is straightforward to operate - it is a white plastic box that plugs into a wall outlet. It may not be plugged into an extension cord, but an extension cord may be plugged into it. On the front, there is a wheel with 24 hours of time printed on it. There are four plastic clips, two green for starting and two red for stopping. The clips fit in the plastic wheel in holes at 15 minute intervals. Insert a green clip at the start time and a red clip at the stop time, up to two separate intervals per day.

    The actual time is on a dial in the middle of the wheel and can be set with a knob at approximately half-hour intervals. Set the actual time for the next half hour and plug it in when the actual time is equal to the time set on the timer.

    There is a single power receptacle on the side of the timer into which the electrical device to be controlled is plugged. The device will be activated whenever a time marked by a green click occurs, and shuts off whenever it is red clip time. And, a dial at the top of timer can be used to turn the connected device on or off without affecting the times already set.

    I used the timer with three lamps plugged into a 12 foot extension cord, set to come on at 9:30 PM and turn off at 7:30 AM, and it worked perfectly. I noticed that the timer was slightly warm to the touch, whether or not anything was connected to it, but it did not seem to get overly warm or in any way interfere with its operation.

    The timer can be used with lamps, holiday lighting, and fans (up to 1/3 HP motor load). It is very quiet, in fact, standing less than 5 feet away, I could not hear it at all. I have had similar timers in the past that made clicking or grinding noises so loud that I could not sleep in the same room with them. It meets all claims and performs well.

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    5Couldnt Be More Satisfied
    By not4nuthin
    I have 5 lights that i regularly have on auto-timers. Over the past 20 years ive bought more than a dozen different brands and styles of timers for those lights. I always write the install date onto each timer when i put it into use and i seem to get about 2 years out of the timers with the exception of this particular (and only this particular) Intermatic timer. The one im replacing right now with this one was bought 11 years ago! I have one other Intermatic just like this one and i checked the date on it and it is 9 years old and working fine. All the others (some that are even Intermatic timers of a different style) dont even come close to the longivity of this particular timer. Going forward, i wont be buying any other timer because im certain these are the best I can get for my money.

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    3It works, but it's loose in the outlet and if knocked, falls out
    By Kristi Gilleland
    I used this to automate my husband's cheap drip coffee pot. You set the current time in the middle dial, then put the green pin where you want the item to start getting electricity, and the red where you want it to stop. It's really just a basic timer. It plugs into the outlet, and your device plugs into the side. The plug in on the side is nice and tight. Make sure to leave your device ON. Of course it won't come on until this timer trips and sends electricity to it on the schedule you set.
    It works ok - it's come on and off when it's supposed to, and my husband enjoys having his coffee when he first wakes up without having to wait.
    My big complaint is that it plugs into my outlet upside down and it's relatively heavy for a plug in, so it falls forward a bit in the outlet. A couple of times I have barely hit the cord, and it's fallen forward out of the wall. It could be a lot tighter in the outlet. I am going to have to use some stick on velcro if I continue to use it to help hold it into the outlet.

    The good thing about this upside down design, I suppose, about this is it does leave the other plug free to use.

    You aren't supposed to use it on an power strip, just in outlets. There's 2 sets of pins, so if you want to time a lamp or something on or off twice a day, you can. That could be handy if you go on vacation. There's a override button at the top of the device. It's hard to use, at least for me- without unplugging the device. If I have to unplug the device, why do I need an override for off?

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