Reflectix BP24025 24-Inch by 25-Feet Bubble Pack Insulation
Reflectix BP24025 24-Inch by 25-Feet Bubble Pack Insulation
Manufacturer : Reflectix
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Product Description
Reflectix BP24025 24" x 25' Bubble Pack InsulationReflectix BP24025 24" x 25' Bubble Pack Insulation Features: Reflective insulation for use in a crawl space, attic, wall, metal buildings, and post and frame structures Fiber free, environmentally safe, easy to install, and lightweight Made up of seven layers, two outer layers of aluminum foil reflect most of the heat which hits them Each layer of foil is bonded to a tough layer of polyethylene for strength Two inner layers of bubble pack resist heat flow, while a center layer of polyethylene gives additional strength No protective gear needed to install Reflects 97% of radiant energy -60 Degree F to 180 Degree F temperature range 5/16" thick 24" x 25' roll
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #68600 in Home Improvement
  • Brand: Reflectix
  • Model: BP24025
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 24.00" h x 10.00" w x 10.00" l,
  • Product Features
  • A reflective insulation consisting of two outer layers of 96-percent reflective film, bonded to two layers of heavy gauge polyethylene bubbles (nominal thickness: 5/16-Inch)
  • Heavy gauge polyethylene bubble interior provides superior strength and easy handling
  • Available in a Standard Edge or Staple Tab Edge configuration
  • Staple Tab Edge products are recommended when installing the insulation on 24-Inch or 16-Inch centers
  • Easy to handle and install - no mess, no itchy fibers
  • Only tools required are: staple gun, utility knife, tape measure and safety glasses
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Love this stuff
    By Gerald E. Harris
    skeptical at first, very thin and lightweight. Installed on inside of garage doors-easy and quick. Used double-sided tape from orange big box store paint department. The sun hits my garage doors and the heat in closed garage is almost unbearable. This stuff made an immediate difference. Reduced temperature significantly. It is also apparently more reflective than the paint on the inside of the doors, so the garage is brighter with the same lighting. The big surprise to me though, was the reduction in noise. I never noticed the garage being particularly noisy, but after installing this insulation and closing the doors, there was a very noticeable peaceful quiet in the garage. My wife also independently said the same thing. I also used some of the insulation to cover the access hatch to the attic inside the house. The access is in a small closet which was always rather warm (Texas is very hot almost all year) but I noticed afterward the closet is now the same temperature as the rest of the house. I have some left over and am deciding where I can best use it. Inexpensive, east to install, lightweight, and great heat barrier.

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    4Great for vehicles, camping, tight squeezes! Cheaper locally though...
    By C.N.
    This bubble insulation is fantastic for insulating your vehicle behind panels and in the roof to keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Perfect for RVs or campers.

    The R Value of this insulation is incredibly low compared to standard fiberglass though, so it's not nearly as efficient for home use. Use fiberglass wherever possible, and use this in places with tight squeezes, like behind radiators that are next to exterior walls, to reflect heat back into the room.

    Another overlooked use for this material is for camping, as an insulating layer to sleep on, to prevent both conduction and convection. It's waterproof, very lightweight, with 6 feet weighing just a couple ounces, and you can roll it into your bedroll or blanket. Works great to sleep on in a hammock to insulate yourself from the cold air below you! The bubbles are surprisingly durable, easily holding under my body weight, but I imagine with very heavy use in this fashion, they will eventually pop.

    Most hardware stores carry this same product at a much lower cost, since most of the cost to buy this online is due to the large bulk for shipping. Check locally first!

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    5Cost efficient solution to reducing heat from skylights!
    By J. Byler
    I purchased Reflectix BP24025 reflective insulation and cut it to fit in the six skylight spaces. I made it a tad bit wider so that it could actually set inside the skylight opening by itself. I purchased a roll of magnetic tape, cut 4-5" lengths, peeled and stuck them to the foil at the same location the adjoining magnets were attached by power stapling into the sheetrock in the skylight opening. The product IMMEDIATELY reduced the heat in the house by many degrees...and the comfort level of my tiny place was restored... While no sun is getting through, I'd rather be comfortable than miserable and the light from my side wall windows is just perfect. It is incredible, affordable, and now I'm purchasing more to do some windows that seem to get a lot of heat. I live in Scotts Valley, CA out in the open country and today it was 103. I went into my house mid-day and it was very comfortable inside and my cats were comfortable. INCREDIBLE. I recommend this (R value is 3 I believe) product! I also used foil tape to piece together remnants and make a covering for a window...absolutely perfect for these record setting hot days.

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