Duck Brand 281069 Roll-On Indoor Extra Large Window/Patio Door Premium Insulating Film Kit, 84-Inch x 112-Inch
Duck Brand 281069 Roll-On Indoor Extra Large Window/Patio Door Premium Insulating Film Kit, 84-Inch x 112-Inch
Manufacturer : Duck
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Product Description
During the cold weather months, windows become a prime spot for energy loss. Duck Brand Roll-On Window Kits create an added barrier between the outdoor air and your home’s inside, helping to block drafts and air leaks that lead to high heating costs. Patented Roll-On film comes with a pre-taped edge for easy roll-on application, requires no measuring and fits snugly to window frames to provide an airtight seal. Plus, they are made with clear shrink film for good visibility and are easy-to install and remove once the warmer weather arrives. Use together with other Duck Brand weatherization products to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient all year long.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #64538 in Home Improvement
  • Size: 1-Patio Door/Large Window
  • Brand: Duck
  • Model: 281069
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.30" h x 9.50" w x 2.30" l,
  • Product Features
  • Pre-taped top edge for easy roll-on application
  • Crystal clear film installs easily and requires no measuring
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Kit includes: premium insulating film, window kit tape and alcohol wipes
  • Kit insulates one patio door or extra large window
  • Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

    51 of 52 people found the following review helpful.
    5Convenient and no problems
    By housewifeman
    I have used Duck window film for the last 5 years. This is the second year I have used the roll on and I will never use anything else. I put this on our picture window because we like to have the curtains open in the winter and the extra insulation makes that possible. The window has an aluminum frame which is flat and smooth, but I still do the following things.
    -clean the frame with a spray on cleaner.
    -clean the frame with the included alcohol wipes.
    -lightly heat one side of the frame and apply the 2 sided tape. Do the other side and bottom.
    -lightly heat the applied tape on the sides and bottom while pressing it down for good sticking.
    -lightly heat the top side of the frame and apply the roll on tape/film.(THIS MAKES IT SO EASY COMPARED TO FIGHTING WITH FILM ALONE!!!!)
    -trim the film to desired length.
    -lightly heat roll on tape while pressing firmly into place.
    -remove paper strips from 2 sided tape on sides and bottom.
    -unfold film and press film into place on sides and bottom.
    -lightly heat film where it comes in contact with 2 sided tape on sides and bottom while pressing firmly into place.
    -shrink film with hairdryer.

    The point of all of this is that with a very few minutes of extra effort to make sure the tape is firmly stuck to frame and film, any of these window films will work, but for me, the pre-taped roll on side makes this an easy and effortless job. THERE IS NO NEED FOR PRE-MEASURING AND CUTTING THE FILM WHILE FIGHTING AGAINST STATIC ELECTRICITY.

    17 of 18 people found the following review helpful.
    2The film works fine...but...
    By rustypixel
    This brand of film works as well as any other I have tried as long as it's installed correctly. Many people will install this with the provided double sided tape at the bottom and sides of the window while using the sticky adhesive on the roll at the top of the window. Unfortunately this will not work as many of the reviews state that the adhesive is not good and WILL NOT hold. I had the same experience and had to re-do the 3 windows I did in my place. A simple solution is to use the included double sided tape at the top of the window and then roll the adhesive side of the top of the film onto that so it's basically sticky on sticky. This will ensure that the top adhesive doesn't come off the window. This film works the same as any other film. I chose to use this one simply because I find that dealing with a single sheet of film is too cumbersome and being able to roll off the film is a heck of a lot better. The low rating I give is solely for the very poor and unacceptable adhesive on the top of the roll.

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    5Very effective against 50 mph wind gusts -
    By Baby Girl
    All windows done - 2nd year with this - Yes the top does need re-inforcing after you apply the roll on edge - but that in itself is worth the very convenient 'roll-on' function. Scotch tape works fine - we don't shrink -

    Also very easy to crawl in window after AC removed because we locked ourselves out. Neighbor took AC out then crawled in - only had to reset at bottom 1/2 window.

    Last week along came the due WEST 50 mph wind gusts. Nary a draft nor a stirring of any of the drapes. So well worth it. All seven big windows. [3 big windows on the north side of building]

    Heat on the very lowest for one month - 32 out / ave. 68 in. This has taken kWh usage from 25 kWh in 24/7 down to 17/19 tops on laundry days.

    Here in SW Virgina this is somewhat futal to try to factor as energy saver - because AEP has taken total 127% incremantal increases since Oct 2003!

    But w/o this - heating total kWh would be two to three times as much in cold weather.

    Highly recommend

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