BLACK+DECKER MTC220 12-Inch Lithium Cordless 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower, 20-volt (Battery-Powered)
BLACK+DECKER MTC220 12-Inch Lithium Cordless 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower, 20-volt (Battery-Powered)
Manufacturer : BLACK+DECKER
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Product Description
All-in-one lawn mower, string trimmer, and edger (view larger). Offering the ultimate in small yard and garden versatility, the innovative Black & Decker 3-N-1 trimmer/edger and mower gives you three types of landscaping functionality in a single, compact tool. Thanks to its small footprint design, this an ideal mower, string trimmer, and edger for homes with small yards of up to 1,200 square feet, as well as yards with small inclines or difficult-to-reach areas. It's also a great solution for homes with limited storage space. This model (MTC220) offers cordless freedom, but it's also available in a corded version so you can choose the right option for your yard. No bumping required with Auto Feed System (view larger). Cordless Freedom The cordless 3-N-1 trimmer/edger and mower includes two 20-volt MAX lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. 1 Black & Decker's 20-volt MAX lithium-ion batteries offer a longer lifespan and retains its charge 5x longer than similar 18-volt NiCad batteries. They're compatible with the full line of Black & Decker's 20-volt MAX line of power and gardening tools, and you won't be limited by an extension cord. Easy to use and maneuver, the battery-powered 3-N-1 eliminates the need for gas or oil to be stored. Ultimate Versatility The 3-N-1 features a durable mower base deck with four wheels that secures a Black & Decker string trimmer/edger with a 12-inch cutting swath. A foot pedal release allows for quick insertion and removal of the trimmer/edger as you move from mowing to trimming or edging. The mower deck also features two height adjustment options that raises or lowers all four wheels. The 12-inch trimmer/edger features a gear-driven transmission to maintain constant speed that won’t bog down while trimming, and AFS Auto Feed System for continuous and automatic line advancement without the need for bumping. It also offers a lightweight ergonomic design with adjustable height and handle positions, which provide maximum
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1271 in Lawn & Patio
  • Color: Orange
  • Model: MTC220
  • Dimensions: 7.38" h x 40.50" w x 15.25" l, 14.40 pounds
  • Product Features
  • 3 tools in 1, easily converts from mower to trimmer to edger
  • AFS automatic feed system ensures continuous work without bumping and having to stop
  • Power Drive Transmission prevents bogging down
  • Adjustable height deck & trimmer and pivoting handle
  • Includes 2 batteries for extended run time
  • 3 tools in 1, easily converts from mower to trimmer to edger
  • AFS automatic feed system ensures continuous work without bumping and having to stop
  • Power Drive Transmission prevents bogging down
  • Adjustable height deck & trimmer and pivoting handle
  • Includes 2 batteries for extended run time
  • Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

    600 of 614 people found the following review helpful.
    5Perfect for my small yard
    By Anthony Cecchetti
    This was a great Idea who ever thought of it, the functionality of a mower and weed eater.

    I bought this because I have a small yard and my electric mower broke after 7 years. I don't like gas power mowers or do I need one for my tiny lawn so I was thinking about buying another electric mower tell I saw this.

    Its perfect for my needs, very easy to use and slips right into the mower part and detaches very easy. The Trimmer/mower is easy to clean and store in my garage, and Its pretty powerful for only being 6amp. I had no problems mowing my lawn for the 1st time this season and the grass was really tall. I posted pictures of it and the job it did here on amazon if you want to check them out.

    The unit is really nice to just un-click this thing from the base and start weed eating and edge trimming and then snap it back in and continue mowing. My experience with weed eaters is if you keep them clean by rinsing them off after you use them they last along time also I store my tools in my garage and not outside which really increase's the life of them.

    The trimer is single feed which I like a lot more than the double, its just easier to put more cord in it, and with the single feed the cord seems to last longer.

    Set up out of the box took me around 2 mins, took me longer to locate my screw driver than it did to screw the one screw that attaches the guard to the trimmer and that was it. I was mowing within 5 mins of pulling this out of the box (its the Corded Version BTW)

    I really can't say enough about this product it is a great idea and glade to have it!

    226 of 245 people found the following review helpful.
    4Great trimmer and edger for tiny yards but some issues as a mower
    By Liat2768
    This cordless trimmer is easy to assemble and lightweight. It arrived in a box with the guard and auxiliary handle detached. Both were pretty simple to connect. The guard was annoying since it needed quite a bit of pressure and tab aligning before I got the promised 'snap' letting me know it was secure.

    The two Lithium Batteries took about 30 minutes each to charge. I was initially surprised by how small and lightweight they were and had my doubts about how long the charge would last. However, I used the trimmer for about 30 minutes before needing to switch to the second battery and, between the two, it was enough to trim and edge my yard and mow a good portion of the back yard.

    The manual recommends using the B&D replacement spool AF-100 but instructions are included for rewinding the spool from bulk line. You can use a .065 inch diameter round nylon monofilament line - not serrated or heavier gauge since they will overheat the motor. So you aren't committing to buying expensive replacement spools with this tool. The included line did a fine job and I really like the auto line feeding feature. There is no need to bump the trimmer to reload the line and it makes for faster work. The edging guard seems to do a really good job and the spool is still almost full after the first use.

    I am comparing this trimmer to an older black and decker corded trimmer and I have to say that this one is much more lightweight and puts a lot less stress on the forearms. I usually hate trimming and edging since it is hard on the wrists and arms but that was not an issue with this trimmer.

    My issue is with the promise of this tool as a mower. The mowing deck is a smart idea and you can adjust the wheels to two cutting heights. The wheels roll along very well and there is really no weight to push. However, the trimmer, like most trimmers, requires you to constantly depress the trigger to keep it working. For safety reasons, there is no lock in place button. I can see where this would start wearing on your fingers and wrists quickly. If arthritis or weak wrists are part of why you want a lightweight trimmer, this could be an issue. Also, the cut is not as even and neat as with a mower. Perhaps this has to do with the suction of the mower blades pulling the grass upright - I am not sure. The mowing deck is narrow - think upright vacuum cleaner - and so it takes a bit more time to mow the same space than a wide mower would.

    However, it is easy to use, lightweight and the batteries do last a decent amount of time. If you have a tiny yard to maintain, this might just be the perfect lawn tool for you.

    272 of 308 people found the following review helpful.
    3Great Concept, design and execution buuuuuuut.....
    By Amazon Grace
    What a brilliant idea right? Mmmmm, not quite. It works, as stated, doing what it does, Trims and edges well, auto feeds and is light and super easy to maneuver. So what is the problem?


    1. Two 20V batteries does not do the job. Not enough cutting life, especially since it takes several hours to recharge the batteries, EACH!! 20 minutes cutting time from one battery. The problem is that if your grass is fairly long you have to go over each area more than once, thus diminishing the life by repetitious re-cutting. My lawn is very small and fairly even so this should work well and it would if this came with 32V/40V batteries...

    2. For mowing it is not very powerful. B&D should make a cutting deck for their 40V LST136 but they don't. Why? I don't know. I am going to call and ask. That trimmer also has a 13" cutting diameter instead of a 12". It might be a great add on accessory.....

    3. The cutting deck gets all gunked up with grass as you cut, as any mower does, but this deck has a lot of odd plastic surfaces underneath for grass to get caught and stuck on. A smoother underneath would have been better, with less articulating surfaces. That would make less grass stick and it would make scooping out the clogged grass easier.

    The Worx WG175 3 in1 is a great trimmer/edger but it is absolutely a horrible mower for any type of lawn.... I wrote a review for that one too....

    I really would like to find a powerful 3 in 1 but that technology is not quite there yet.... Not for my needs anyway.

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