CopperJoint Compression Ankle Sleeve #1 Plantar Fasciitis Sock, Copper Infused Arch Support - GUARANTEED Recovery Brace - Wear Anywhere (1 x Small, Single)
CopperJoint Compression Ankle Sleeve #1 Plantar Fasciitis Sock, Copper Infused Arch Support - GUARANTEED Recovery Brace - Wear Anywhere (1 x Small, Single)
Manufacturer : CopperJoint
Amazon Price : $16.97
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Product Description
• Longer durability
• Aids with joint and muscle recovery
• Offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, aches and pains
• Enhances blood circulation, stimulates oxygen airflow to the muscles
• It minimizes injury, offers optimal muscle support between workouts and during casual everyday activities
• Can be comfortably worn all day and night
• Eliminates odors
• 4-way compression sleeve, ergonomically designed for full range of motion and superior comfort
• High Performance fabric keeps an optimal joint temperature
• Anti-Itch Wicking capabilities material
• 100% Latex Free
Product Details
  • Size: Small [single]
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: CopperJoint
  • Fabric type: ?100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - your satisfaction is our priority; In the unlikely event that CopperJoint doesn't meet all of your needs, we'll refund you the full price *No Questions Asked*
  • Ingredients: 88% Copper Infused Nylon, 12% Spandex
  • Dimensions: 3.94" h x 1.18" w x 3.94" l, .11 pounds
  • Product Features
  • ?INSTANT THERAPEUTIC RELIEF - Therapy wrap may help to relieve pain & discomfort in your foot . Best treatment for plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon, stress fracture, edema, splint, swelling, metatarsal, heel pain symptoms - Ideal for: basketball, running, soccer, training, crossfit
  • ?GRADUATED COMPRESSION - Helps improve blood circulation, reduces muscle fatigue, especially if on your feet for long periods of time, or traveling - Open heel, toeless, freetoes
  • ?ANTI-ODOUR - active Copper is extremely efficient in eliminating odors; made of 88% TOP QUALITY COPPER Infused Nylon, we guarantee you will have the HIGHEST CONTENT available
  • ?MOISTURE WICKING DESIGN - easy to wear, our light, soft unisex elastic brace keeps you dry and comfortable even with long use and make it easier to be worn all day throughout the night. Perfect for any Tommie, Dick, and Harry!
  • ?PROMOTES FASTER MUSCLE RECOVERY - our stabilizer relieves muscle stiffness, extra soreness and offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, sprains, pain & discomfort, allowing you to perform at your peak in any situation ?IDEAL GIFT for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Birthday, or Christmas
  • Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

    63 of 69 people found the following review helpful.
    5I guess my mind thought it should be super tight. This was not
    By E. McK
    I injured my ankle training for a half marathon back in May. It has been a slow recovery for me. I have recently been ready to start walking and running for exercise again. However, my ankle is still weak and not ready to do it without a brace. However, the brace I had been using was stiff/not flexible/and was digging into my ankle and cutting me if I tried to run in it.

    This item arrived today. I ordered a size medium. I wear a women's 7.5, an 8 in running shoes. I was expecting more compression. But to be honest I have never used a compression item before. I guess my mind thought it should be super tight. This was not, but I ordered based on measurements. I was worried it wouldn't help much.

    I went on a very slow 3 mile run today. I haven't been able to do this since May. I have tried doing it with my other brace, and still had quite a bit of pain.

    I was able to run. There was enough flexibility that I was moving, but the sleeve kind of held everything in place. It is now two hours post run, and I am not having any extra pain. I am so happy that I got this.

    What's even better? You can wash and dry this. Since I will be wearing it almost constantly, this is awesome. Who wants a stinky sleeve?
    I received this item at a discount for an honest review, but all thoughts are mine. If I didn't like it, I'd have no problem telling you that. I am going to keep wearing it and will update if I run across any issues.

    12 of 14 people found the following review helpful.
    5Very helpful
    By elonggggggg
    I sprained my ankle very badly in December 2015 and as of Feb 2016, the ankle was still sore. I bought this to help my ankle recover, especially when I was doing strenuous things. This has been very helpful. I soothes my ankle when I use it and it just makes me ankle feel so much better. Already I've noticed a difference since when I got it, my ankle (out of the sleeve) is feeling a lot better. You really do need to follow the measuring chart and measure like they tell you. I did and the size that I got fits me well. You can't really go by shoe size, because it depends on the actual width of your ankle, not your foot.

    Overall this was a good buy and I will remember this product if I ever had another similar injury again.

    19 of 24 people found the following review helpful.
    5works like a charm
    By Alephel
    Since I have sprained it couple of years ago , my right ankle always swallows, gives me pain / unease whenever I heavily exercise and/ or work on my feet for a long time. Copper Joint Ankle sleeve may be the answer to my unease.

    Description: this is a compression ankle sleeve, black. The fabric is soft but tight. On the box, it is claimed that it is durable, and the fabric kills 99.9% of microbes. Copper is antibacterial so there is no surprise there. the bigger question is its function.

    Function: I am a semi-active person, I exercise 6 times per week,approximately one hour each. My aim in getting these sleeves was to help my right ankle feel better and recuperate faster. Especially with the kickboxing, as I am not a pro, I keep hurting my ankles. I had a little bit of pain form yesterday and I tried these sleeves. I feel the difference immediately. It might be merely because of the compressing itself- it is scientifically proven that compression will help your joints to heal and recuperate faster- or it can be compression plus the copper. I do not know why but it seems to work.

    It is very comfortable .It does not feel cold or hot so you can wear it for a long time-- which is extremely beneficial since I wore them for a good 5 hours and I was still very comfortable . I receive this sleeve at a discounted price for my honest review; that is said, I do not overrate items because I receive them at a lower rate. I would like to underline that I do not have a serious injury and/ or arthritis. Therefore I cannot talk about this sleeve's effects on these cases. Yet, for the slightly injured , sore ankle , it worked like a charm.

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