Streamlight MicroStream LED Pen Light (12 pack)
Streamlight MicroStream LED Pen Light (12 pack)
Manufacturer : Streamlight
Amazon Price : $190.08
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Avg. Customer Rating:4.5 of 5.0
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Product Description
Utilizing the latest C4 LED technology this ultra compact and lightweight flashlight is optimized for output and run time.
Product Details
  • Size: 12 Pack
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Streamlight
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    4Excellent Performance, Poor Cap/Clip Design
    By Marty Jones
    I own many flashlights, and this is by far my favorite using a 1xAAA format. The brightness is exceptional for the size and weight. I believe the 20-lumen rating is accurate, by comparison with many other lights I own. I also own the larger 2xAAA version of this light (Streamlight Stylus Pro), and the microstream is almost identically bright. Of course, the 2xAAA version has longer battery life, by more than a factor of 2 because of circuit efficiency and battery-capacity variance with discharge rate.

    The switch type is my favored "forward" clicky, which means you can push it slightly to get a momentary-on function. Some other lights use a "reverse" clicky, which doesn't turn on until you click and release.

    The one thing I dislike about both of these lights is that the pocket clip rotates with the threaded end cap, badly scratching the finish when you remove the cap to replace the battery. You can avoid this by placing a piece of cloth between the clip and flashlight body before turning the cap, but you have to think of this before first disassembly or it's too late.

    Also, the clip exerts enough sideways pressure on the light body that you must be very careful to avoid cross-threading when you reinstall the cap onto the body.

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    5Great Little Light!!
    By B240
    As a Police Officer for nearly 18 years now, and just about all of that time spent on 2nd shift, in the same Beat, I have had many flashlights over the years, but none have compared to the versatility of the Microstream from Streamlight!! This has been my favorite flashlight, Hands Down!! It has very good output for its size and one of my favorite things about this little light is that it takes a AAA Battery, instead of 3 or 4 of those little watch batteries, or some other off size battery that is difficult to find. The "S" Clip is also a Great addition to this light!! I can clip it on my pocket and take Reports at night, or clip it on my hat when walking through the woods looking for a lost child. I also use it to search under seats of cars or in tight spots. It is really great for finding fingerprints on windows too!! I have also accidentally ran my through the washing machine several times over the past couple of years, and it keeps going, and going, and going...Whenever a Rookie Officer is assigned to work in my Beat with me on a daily basis, I always buy them a Microstream as a "Welcome to the Hood" gift, and show them how useful this light is, because I know that they will get as much use out of this light in their career, which is just beginning, as I have got out of it during my career, so far...I Highly recommend this light for anyone who is looking for a small, versatile, reliable, powerful, little light!! Oh...something else that I have not seen anyone else mention yet...I believe that all Streamlight Flashlights come with a limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers everything except the battery and signs of abuse!!

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    5Excellent Light
    By Amazon Customer
    I've had this light for about a week. I bought it with the intention of leaving it in my backpack (a smaller replacement for an aging mini-maglite). Well, the maglite is still in my backpack- the streamlight stays in my pocket. It is small and lightweight enough to be carried un-obtrusively. I'm amazed at how bright it is, and everyone who has seen it has wanted one. Great product, great price.

    Update- six months later- still love it, probably more now than when I wrote the initial review. I use this daily, for so many things it's really hard to describe how functional this light really is, it's great!

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