Dr. Scholl's Active Series Replacement Insoles, Men's Large, Size: 10.5 - 13
Dr. Scholl's Active Series Replacement Insoles, Men's Large, Size: 10.5 - 13
Manufacturer : Dr. Scholl's
Amazon Price : $17.99
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Product Description
Triple zone protection. Ball of foot padding to improve cushioning. Reinforced arch to support foot. Deep heel cup to absorb impact.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1719 in Health and Beauty
  • Size: Large
  • Brand: Dr. Scholl's
  • Model: Active Series Insoles
  • Published on: 2012-11-16
  • Released on: 2016-06-01
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 13.37" h x 4.92" w x 1.98" l,
  • Product Features
  • Reduce wear and tear on feet and legs with 40% shock reduction and triple zone protection that includes ball of foot padding to improve cushioning, reinforced arch to support foot and deep heel cup to absorb impact with every step
  • Helps prevent and relieve pain from 3 common sports injuries: shin splints, runner's knee, plantar fasciitis
  • Helps reduce foot odor with SweatMax technology
  • Designed to support your foot while in motion
  • Resilient cushioning responds to your level of impact
  • Sizes 10.5-13
  • Customer Reviews

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    92 of 98 people found the following review helpful.
    5See yah Plantar
    By Chris
    I write this review in hopes it helps someone out there with Plantar from running.

    I bought a new pair of running shoes about a year ago and they brought-on Plantar. Every time I ran I had terrible heal pain afterwards. I love to run, but had to give it up. Two years later I tried running again, surely the problem would have been healed? Nope, it came back immediately.

    Getting a little fed-up I started trying all kinds of insoles and inserts - expensive professional ones, cheap ones, lots of cushion, some arch here and there. On my 6th try I tried these.

    After slowly starting running again with some lingering pain, letting it heal, running, healing, etc, I'm happy to say the onset of pain is completely gone after 3 long runs.

    If you need a little arch and have heal pain, this is worth a try.

    Yah, running again!

    34 of 37 people found the following review helpful.
    5Works Great for Planter Fasciitis, ... please read below
    By OGK
    My self diagnosed plantar fasciitis started in April 2013. I didn't know that it was PF till almost August, so I decided to use my previously bought Custom Fit Orthotics by Dr Scholl's which I hab bought years ago and they just sat in my shoe closet for years. They offered a little help but discomfort didn't go away. This is around the time I self diagnosed myself with PF. I tried compression wraps and Weleda Arnica Massage Oil. (which I found out later is an anti-inflammatory). Both of these provided moderate pain relief. I looked in to getting other PF stuff like foot splints and braces that you wear overnight, but never bought them after reading review that they are uncomfortable to sleep in.
    I saw youtube videos for a few foot exercises, I used the tennis ball a few time and also runners stretch.

    I saw a commercial for this DS Active Series on TV in late September and decided to try them out as it promised pain relief from PF. By this time I was waking up every morning with pain in my right foot.
    These came in overnight on Oct 2 and were still cheaper than buying them at local Target. These fit my size 10 shoe perfectly. Also there are instructions on how to cut it down to size (7.5 being the smallest).
    They seems a little flimsy for the arch support but after wearing them for about a few days, I noticed my pain was less each morning. NOTE - I wear them in my work shoes and when I get home, I put them in my bedroom slippers, so I have these on practically every waking moment of my day except the shower. :)
    Another adjustment that I made was my shoe, I was wearing Nike shoes with lose laces, which didn't keep my foot stable plus these Air lights were not very sturdy. I went back to my shoe closet and dug up my fairly new pair of New Balance 481 which have a arch support build in but the sole is very strong and sturdy.
    I also started using the laces to tie down my shoes to a very snug fit.
    I saw a podiatrist in November, who officially diagnosed my PF. He told me about Arnica oil is an anti-inflammatory and said I could continue using it. He also said all the things I have done should help in reducing the pain and proper healing.
    Cause of the problem was me walking bare feet in the house (hard surface) a lot after my wife and I had a baby.
    Its Mid November and my pain is almost gone, I don't wake up with pain anymore and I will continue to use these as my Doc said it could take may be 6 months to heal 100% or may be a bit longer. So I am committed to it. He also recommend the tennis ball message and various stretches for the calves. Wearing a good pair of shoe (avoid dress shoes).
    Stretch my foot before I get up out of bed or from my chair.
    I think the arch support on these could have been sturdier, but it seems to hold up and it is working as advertised. I am thinking about getting a second pair, so I don't have to keep switching them twice a day.
    I hope this review helps. I know its more than a product review, but I wanted to share whatever I can to help someone else with PF.

    68 of 78 people found the following review helpful.
    5Better than Dr. Scholls Gel Sport Insoles
    By lammy
    Comparison of Massaging Gel Sport vs Active Series

    Active Series is/has:

    Slightly narrower, but still medium width (noticeable in forefoot)
    Better arch support (medium vs. medium low)
    Better/Firmer road feel (stable vs squishy)
    Tiny bit less cushion

    The Active Series is a significant improvement over the Gel Sports. The triple zone protection incorporates the standard foam for the body, higher density foam for the forefoot, lower density for the heel, and a better designed and slightly higher arch plate. These changes eliminate the squishy road feel of the Gel Sport insoles and give a lot of confidence when making lateral cuts or other direction changes. Easily worth the extra money for ball sports (i.e. basketball, football, soccer, tennis), possibly the Gel Sport Insoles are the better value for jogging/running (forward motion only).

    9.5M, slightly wide foot, low arches.

    2 pairs, 12-16hrs tennis, jogged approx 0.5mi, light weightlifting
    Both pairs had a right shoe squeak that went away after a few hours playing tennis (baby powder under the insole works too).

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