Kryptonite 720018210610 KryptoFlex 3/8" x 7' 1007 Double Loop Security Cable
Kryptonite 720018210610 KryptoFlex 3/8
Manufacturer : Kryptonite
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Product Description
The KryptoFlex 1007 cable is a 3/8 inch by 7 foot braided steel cable featuring increased cut resistance over twisted cables. It's double loop design is compatible with all Kryptonite locks or virtually any padlock or disc lock. The protective vinyl cover will not scratch your bike and a hook-n-loop carrying strap is included.
Product Details
  • Size: One Size, 7' (220cm) x 10mm
  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Kryptonite
  • Model: 720018210610
  • Released on: 2012-03-01
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 2.00" w x 41.00" l, 1.15 pounds
  • Product Features
  • 3/8 inch (10 millimeter) braided steel cable has greater cut resistance than twisted cables
  • 7 foot (220 centimeter) length
  • Thick vinyl coating protects against scratching
  • Looped ends make for easy locking to anchor points with all Kryptonite locks or virtually any padlock or disc lock
  • Hook-n-loop strap for easy carrying
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Use it correctly, and you will be rewarded
    By M. Mahan
    Some people have issues with this cable being easily cut, which leads to their bike being stolen. I want to set the record straight about this product and proper locking methods. These cables are by no means meant to be your sole locking device, but rather, they are meant to be used in conjunction with (ideally) a U-Lock. I work in a bike shop and attend school at Michigan State, a virtual candy store for bike thieves, and as such proper locking is imperative. First off, buy yourself a good U-Lock. I would recommend going with the Kryptonite brand, as they are THE name in bike locks. I myself use what Kryptonite calls the "Fahgettaboudit" which is an 18mm-thick, vinyl-coated monster that would make New York's most proficient bike thieves shudder. THIS IS WHAT YOU USE TO LOCK YOUR BIKE TO THE STATIONARY OBJECT, not the cable. Put the U-Lock through the frame and through the stationary object. You then use a cable (I reccommend a seven or four-foot KryptoFlex, again, for the same reasons) to act as a secondary security device and, more importantly, SECURE YOUR REMOVABLE COMPONENTS (such as a quick-release wheel or seat). Before closing the U-Lock, put one end of the looped cable onto the U-Lock, then loop the cable through your wheel and seat supports. Put the other end of the looped cable onto the U-Lock, close the U-Lock, and walk away whistling, because your bike is now un-stealable. That is the proper application for these cables.

    Okay, so now to actually review the cable. It's amazing. You cannot top Kryptonite's quality, and it is very useful. It is also just as resistant to cutting as any other cable you'll find. Top-notch durability

    Now, there's no doubt that when people walk past your bike, with cables snaking through it like some kind of evil invasive weed, and a five-pound U-Lock hanging off the side, they'll be thinking "Man, this guy (or girl) is really obsessed with bike security." But, hey, isn't that the point?

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    5Great cable
    By Ted in Ft. Worth
    I bought all three 525 (5mm x 2.5'), 1004 (10mm x 4') and 1007 (10mm x 7').

    Amazon seems to apply reviews of any of those products to all three products. So, be careful to understand which product a review applies to. For example, the 525 is a nice leash to keep your seat from walking away (while you step into a convenience store). But, it would take small wire cutters for a thief to cut. (Not a cable to use to keep your front wheel secure to a u-lock.).

    The 1004 and 1007 models, at 3/8" diameter, is thinner than Avenir's 1/2" (12mm) x 7' cable. And, more expensive than the Avenir. Obviously, a little lighter to carry. But, perhaps less of a deterrent. Even though we're only talking about 1/8" difference, 3/8" tends to be the limit of smaller (concealable/affordable) wire-rope cutters. Having a 1/2" diameter cable could slow down a thief using smaller wire-rope cutters. Or, make a thief using the correctly-sized cutters draw more attention to himself (cutters to cute 1/2" wire rope are pretty large.).

    I see people rate cables low because their bike was stolen. Everyone needs to realize that a cable is not adequate security except in low-theft areas. And even then: only for a quick trip inside a convenience store (to prevent the bike from being picked up and carried away). For everything else, you should use a U-lock. (Use that to lock the rear wheel through the chainstay/seatstay tubes to a bike rack). The cable should be loopped through the front wheel, seat and rear rack. Most thieves won't go to the trouble of cutting a cable just for a seat or front wheel. (More expensive front wheels have quick release axles and you're better off putting the front tire next to the rear tire and through the U Lock if you want more security than a cable.).

    Riding around, I'm amazed at how many bikes I see that are secured incorrectly. Bikes left at bus stops, locked with a cable. Or, U Locks through a front wheel. Those people increase my security because thieves will target those bikes because mine would be too much more difficult.

    When you use the right tool for the right job, and use the tool correctly, it can be effective. The Kryptonite cable is very effective when used appropriately.

    I also like that Kryptonite cables come with a velcro strap to keep the cable wound up.

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    5Good length, very strong, easy to take with you.
    By Kalchas
    I recently moved to Minneapolis (which is very bike-friendly) and work downtown. Biking to work is a pleasure and it is nice to have a little piece of mind about the storage of my bike.

    Also, I thought the cable would be inconvenient to carry, but it is not.. It can store easily in most bags that you would bike with, or around the handlebars or other parts of the bike. It has a little Velco strip that you can use to keep it looped up.

    I definitely think that a longer cable like this 7 footer is a good idea (as opposed to one of the shorter cables). Once you loop it up for storage, it doesn't take a lot of space, and it offers more flexibility when you lock your bike.

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