Belkin 6ft. Cord Concealer (Grey)
Belkin 6ft. Cord Concealer (Grey)
Manufacturer : BLKF8B023
Amazon Price : $7.37
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Product Description
Hide unsightly computer cables easily and efficiently with 6' Cord Concealer. Cord concealer is designed to conceal cords that run across your floor or countertop. Flexible material allows you to cut to any desired length. Cord concealer includes double-sided adhesive tape to ensure it stays secure and flat at all times.
Product Details
  • Size: 1-Pack
  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: BLKF8B023
  • Model: F8B023
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.30" h x 9.00" w x 10.60" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Hides unsightly computer cables easily and efficiently
  • Designed to conceal cords that run across your floor or countertop
  • Flexible material allows you to cut to any desired length
  • Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

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    5Works great if you follow a little tip...
    By David Benson
    The complaints with this product mostly center around its inability to lay flat after being shipped tightly rolled up. I had this problem at first too (I had the beige concealer). I was a bit fed up but thought perhaps a little bit of heat might help loosen it up. I had cut it into two 3 foot sections to use at different doors, so I got on my hands and knees at the first door and used a hair dryer to gently warm up the rubber. It seemed to work but was taking forever, so I grabbed both sections of the cover and tossed them in my bath tub. I let them soak in very hot water for a few minutes, and pulled the first one out, which felt pretty limp like a noodle. I drained the water off (gave it a few swings to clear the water from the channel) and laid it on the floor to cool off and dry with some heavy items pinning down both ends, same with the second.

    The heat "reset" the rubber a bit, and letting it cool while sitting flat locked it in nicely.

    Since then, both of the covers have worked flawlessly.

    Using wide strips of 3M double sided foam tape has helped keep them very flat and very much locked into place.

    113 of 116 people found the following review helpful.
    5heat in boiling water - works perfectly
    By CBarn
    Why spend more? This is a great product for the price. Don't worry about damaging these thing - it is almost impossible. Quickest and most effective way I know to get the strip laid out flat as a board is to stick it in a pot of water, heat it to a boil and then lay it out flat on a hard flat surface. Obviously, use caution when removing it from the water, and handle with care (it just came out of boiling water.... it is hot, and it stays that way for a while). As far as my experience goes, I don't think you can over-cook these things. I got distracted by a phone call and let one boil for 15 mins. Same result as boiling it for 5 mins.

    37 of 37 people found the following review helpful.
    By Danielle Hunter
    Threw it in the dryer for 5 minutes and then laid it out flat to let it cool into the a perfectly flat strip. No need to risk getting burns from boiling water! Works great for what I needed it for which was to cover a single ethernet cable between two network switches that crossed through a high traffic area. I think it could handle a couple more cables if necessary.

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